Tuna and mushy peas on rice cakes.

I know, sounds delicious right?

I was feeling a bit uninspired by the thought of another ham sandwich, so had a rummage through the cupboards instead and found a can of tuna from the Reel Fish company:

Now I’ve not eaten much tuna lately since it started becoming a bit on the pricey side, so when you do buy tuna, you want to buy something Proper and Good don’t you? The Reel Fish company catch all their tuna one by one, using an actual pole and line, so nothing else gets caught that shouldn’t be. Plus, it’s really delicious.

I also found a tin of mushy peas, a bargain at only 9p from Aldi, and half a pack of slightly squidgy rice cakes that needed using up.

And then my delicious recipe came to me, like a bolt of lightning!

I like tuna, but I find it a bit dry on its own. Mayonnaise is yummy, but has about a million calories. Mushy peas on the other hand – all the moistness of mayo without the fat! Plus you get a bit of pea goodness too. Foolproof. I mixed them up together, and piled my mixture on top of my rice cake.


"Tuna and mushy pea rice cakes"

Not only was it very tasty, but one of these works out at less than 100 calories and is really filling. Nigella eat your heart out.

If you have any other ideas for interesting ways to use a can of tuna, do let me know…


I knew it would happen eventually, but she seems to be a little annoyed with the number of posts* that feature her being annoying or angry or frustrating in some way.

I wanted to write a post then just to explain a bit.

Belle, I don’t write about those things all the time because that is how you are all the time. I write about those moments because they are interesting and cute and make other mums and dads laugh and realise that all children are annoying or angry sometimes, just like all grown-ups are annoying or angry sometimes too. (I know I am annoying quite a lot).

Can you imagine if I wrote posts that began ‘Belle was very well-behaved this morning. She got up nicely and got herself some breakfast and went off to school.’ It would be pretty boring wouldn’t it?

I write about those moments when you feel angry or say something naughty because even though it might make me cross at the time, afterwards it sounds funny, and is just another part of the person you are, which all in all is pretty adorable. Plus it’s always good to laugh about things, even if they might not seem funny at first.

To make up for it though, here are a few other things about you, things that I don’t normally write about, because everyone who knows you knows already how kind and generous and thoughtful you are:

Ever since you were a baby, you have loved me with a passion and intensity that although at times a little overwhelming when it meant I couldn’t leave the room, is all a mummy could ever ask for. Plus you had the fattest cheeks ever.

You have always been very pretty, even when you were small and had no hair and people thought you were a boy, even though you were wearing a skirt.

When you were little – about three – and went to Alby’s, they would always tell me when I picked you up how helpful you had been during the day. When anyone new started, and cried because they missed their mummy, you would get them a tissue from the toilets without anyone asking you.

Whenever I feel a bit sad you always notice and ask if I am OK.

When you meet new people, you are amazing – full of confidence and excitement. You make the other person feel very special and pleased to have met you. Plus if they come to our house, you always draw them a picture, or do a show, or wrap them up a little present from your room.

If you have money, you always want to spend it on someone else. (Part of it at least). Like when you made me distract Bee while you bought her that One Direction keyring.

You always play so nicely with smaller children, especially Finn and Mia, even if you would rather be on your own, lying down and reading Malory Towers.

So, next time I write a post about you having a tantrum Belle, come back and read this post too and then you’ll remember that I’m only teasing, and that I love you really.

Mummy xx

*All of them


Today I want to talk about Breakthrough Breast Cancer and Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM). Trouble is, there is so much important stuff to say, I really don’t know where to start.

First off, shock tactics. Breast cancer kills 1,000 women every single month, yet new research from Breakthrough Breast Cancer has revealed that only 2% of women can name five warning signs of breast cancer. That’s right, there are five signs. It’s not just lumps you’re looking for. I was definitely one of the 98% there.

Find out what the five signs are and get your free Touch Look Check guide from Breakthrough Breast Cancer now.

It’s scary isn’t it to think how unprepared we are?

The trouble is though that knowing the signs is only the first step. You then have to remember to check yourself too. Breakthrough Breast Cancer can help here too. I’ve decided to cover all the bases and get reminded left, right and centre. I’ve followed them on twitter and facebook, and even downloaded the cool breast check app, which not only has a TLC guide, but also a handy reminder service.

That way hopefully I’ll remember, wherever I am.

Where do you do it?


The other thing you can do to help of course is go shopping. (A chore obviously). Shop before the end of October and there are absolutely loads of products that will help raise money for breast cancer research. I did some Christmas shopping today through the BCAM shop to prove just how easy it is, and was going to do a little list for you here but then I remembered that quite a lot of the people I bought presents for would read it, and that would spoil the magic of Christmas rather.

Needless to say there is a pretty impressive range, with everything from popcorn:

"PROPERCORN Sweet & Salty"

To this beautiful Coast dress:

"Coast Siara Dress"

Basically what I’m saying is look after your boobs and go shopping. Not tricky is it?


When you get to the point where you are only comfortable sleeping in one particular position, curled up on your right hand side, one leg drawn up to your chest, you know it’s probably time to get a new mattress.

(Or seek psychiatric help.)

Perfect timing then, in lieu of an offer of counselling, for a post about Dreams Beds.

(Oh yes, I am so smooth!)

I have to confess that I’ve never been terribly good at spending money on things like furniture. Apart from my current bed, my sofa is about the only thing in my whole house that I have bought new and paid more than about twenty quid for, and even that was a bit of a whim.

I bought my bed about ten years ago, but after all this time it would be fair to say that the mattress has probably seen better days. Wear and tear I call it. Who shares a bed with a breastfed toddler and doesn’t have a few dubious stains?

*looks slightly ashamed and hopes no-one ever sees*

So, time for a new bed.

I thought I’d have a look at the range at Dreams Beds, pick a few of my favourites, and then if you, my faithful readers, should want to club together to get me a Christmas gift, you’d know where to go.

Here then is my top three. First off, a bit of a classic – a sleigh style bed in solid oak. Pretty lovely isn’t it? Plus at the moment it is a bargain at only £599 instead of £1,499:

"oak bedstead"

Next up, the hi-tech choice. Not only does this bed include a TV, it is also upholstered in a “sumptuous metallic-weave fabric which features rich tones of taupe, mink and silver, with the addition of subtle nickel and amethyst hues”. I thought that sounded very Star Trek:

"TV bed"

And finally, my favourite, (and actually the cheapest, hint hint), the totally decadent option. Who wouldn’t feel totally desirable lying in this absolutely gorgeous dark purple velvet bed?

"velvet bed"

Sweet dreams!


I have been to London twice this week. No matter how many times I go though it still feels like an adventure.

Growing up in a selection of small towns and villages, cities in themselves have always held a fascination  for me – the huge buildings and shops, the hustle and bustle of so many different types of people, so many Actual Proper Things.

London though remains one of my favourite cities. Even just walking through a tube station or crossing the street there is a powerful sense of being part of something bigger – a strange feeling of being important yet at the same time being very tiny.

And everyone is so stylish! Smart black suits and black thick framed glasses jostle for space on the train alongside those men looking effortlessly stylish in jeans, shirts and tweed jackets – the ones who look like they are too wealthy and influential even to need to wear a suit. The click of heels echoes through the underground and smart ladies’ coats, belted around tiny waists, waft Chanel No. 5 at me on every corner.


Even the pigeons look cool

In my ill-fitting jeans and waterproof mac I feel like I stand out a mile. (Because I do). I may as well open my map out full size on my lap and pop a sign around my neck. ‘I don’t come from here,’ it would say. ‘I am obviously not cool enough to live in London.’

I don’t care though, I revel in it. I stare (carefully of course on the tube) at all the grown up ladies with their glossy hair and lovely shoes and try to guess where everyone is going and has been.

Simple things please us country folk.