That’s a bit of a false claim really. It is the 150th anniversary of the London Underground this year, but I actually took all these pictures this week, Wednesday to be precise, when I was in London for the day.

Yes, I am that person, stopping to take pictures of signs when everyone is bustling around impatiently on their way to something Very Important Indeed. Never mind. Someone has to be. View Post


I had a little bit of a panic this morning.

I was doing my work planning for the next few weeks, and despite the fact that it feels like I’ve only just finished picking pine needles out of the carpet and wondering what to do with seven bags full of used wrapping paper, there are only two full weeks to go until half term.

Two frickin’ weeks! View Post


Today I am thrilled to have my very funny daughter Bee guest posting for me again, writing about her favourite sea creatures!

5 things it’s hard to believe actually exist – by Bee Richards

One of my Favourite Things is under the sea creatures. Simply because most of them look like aliens and are definitely a way cooler example of evolution than humans. I admire them. If there was some kind of octopus worshipping cult I would probably join it. I became a vegetarian after I held a newborn lobster (in a little pot) and then a few days later ate a whole crab and felt really guilty. That experience pretty much scarred me for life. I even made my Mum adopt a marine turtle on my behalf to make up for the ripping apart a dead crab thing. View Post


This week Belle and I have been having a bit of a clear out of her clothes. She’s small for her age, but she tends to see that as an excuse to hang on to everything she has ever owned.

“But it still fits me!” she protested as I held up a floral mini skirt that I was sure was originally knee length. I checked the label. 4-5 years.

“It’s going,” I said. View Post


Boyfriend thinks it’s terrible that I don’t pay much attention to the news.

Part of him thinks I’m bluffing when I say ‘who?’ to everything he says, but I’m not, I just don’t particularly want to spend a great deal of time reading about awful things that I can’t do anything about. Sometimes I will say to him ‘read me out the nice news’, but there isn’t any, so he will start telling me about some country or other that has nuclear weapons and I will have to say ‘ssshhh!’ loudly and put my hands over my ears. View Post