We may still be bundling up in our warmest coats, jumpers, scarves, and mittens, but pretty soon it will be time to shove your woolies to the back of the wardrobe and make space for our spring clothes. Well known as I am for my fashion sense, here are some pieces that are trending for spring:

Bermuda Shorts
Yep, you read that right. Bermuda shorts are apparently trending for spring and summer. View Post

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Was the postman waiting for you this morning with two dozen red roses and a giant teddy holding a shiny red heart?

(I’m talking in a delivery person capacity rather than just as a secret admirer. That might be awkward.)

No. Me neither. I’m glad though. Those teddies are awful. View Post


It may be grey and soggy outside, but inside my head the squirrels that are in charge of my brain are having a little dance and humming to themselves. It’s that time of the year where summer music festivals start announcing their line-up and this week one of my favourites, Camp Bestival, has been shouting about the fantastic acts they’ve got lined up.

Last year we had an absolutely brilliant weekend, as you can see from my Camp Bestival 2012 post. Rolf Harris was a highlight, and the laser and firework show was just incredible. Boyfriend and I are already looking forward to this year, especially as we’re going to be treating ourselves to some luxury camping courtesy of Tangerine Fields. (Because everyone needs exclusive use of a hairdryer at a festival surely?) View Post

Not long after we’d met, I regaled Boyfriend with a fascinating tale about Paperchase mugs. It really was a cracking story, involving a detailed analysis of what in my mind makes the perfect mug, and how disappointed I was that Paperchase had reduced the thickness of their rims.

It was almost certainly the moment when Boyfriend realised I was The One.

It did make me wonder though whether it might not be a bad idea to broaden my mug horizons. I drink a lot of tea, so mugs play a large role in my daily life, so it’s normal* that over the years I have developed a Preferred Mug Shape. This is the original Paperchase mug that pretty much encapsulates everything I love about a mug – a good, sturdy shape, not tall and thin, not flaring out at the top into a silly lip, and made of a good chunky china, with a good thick rim.

 "Paperchase mug"

Over the last few months though, I have been experimenting, pushing out my mug boundaries, and now have three new favourites. Talk about living life on the edge.

OK, so what have we got…

Now this is one is a bit of a wild card, as normally I don’t like Emma Bridgewater. This mug though was a gift from a very good friend, and even though it’s shape flies in the face of sensible mug design – (a base wider than the top?? Crazy times) – I do love it, if not least for the message:

"Emma Bridgewater mug"

With this next mug, I am challenging my rim preferences.** Normally I like a mug with thick sides, but this is a finer bone china. I absolutely love the design though. I’m a big fan of waves, and it reminds me of one of my favourite pictures – The Great Wave Off Kanagawa – which I actually have as a laptop cover. This mug comes from My Rosie Lee, a lovely company bringing together British design and manufacturing.

"My Rosie Lee mug"

Last but not least is the newest mug in my collection. This one comes from Ducky Dora and I love its chunkiness. There’s no messing with this mug, it is proper sturdy, hand painted, and made from eco-friendly terracotta. It’s the kind of mug you could wrap your hands around in front of a bonfire on a cool autumn evening.

"Ducky Dora mug"

Now I don’t for a minute believe I’m the only person who is fussy about mugs, so what are your pet mug hates?

*Definitely normal

**Rim preferences are definitely a thing



I don’t really need to say anything more than that do I?

This is a chocolate hamper with a bit of a difference though, so while you’re stuffing your face you can feel a bit virtuous too. This chocolate hamper has been very kindly donated by RunNative, an online marketplace for UK social enterprises. Gifts bought from RunNative have a direct impact on communities and lives.

This chocolate hamper is from Chocolate Memories, an emerging social firm, established in 2010 by charity group Autism Initiatives. Based in County Down, Northern Ireland, the business offers training opportunities to people with Autism Spectrum Condition. The team at Chocolate Memories blend the finest quality chocolate with delicious flavour combinations, creating an unforgettable taste experience. All profits are reinvested back into the business to fulfil the social aims and objectives.

Enough about that though. To the chocolate!

This is what’s up for grabs – the large luxury hamper, which includes a selection of products from the Chocolate Memories range presented in a beautiful basket. (Not necessarily the products shown, but they will choose you a good range.)

"Chocolate hamper"


There are a few different ways to enter. Each will count as one entry, so the more you do, the more chances you have to win/get fat!

  • Leave a comment on this post telling me what your favourite chocolate treat is
  • Go and like me on Facebook and leave a comment there saying hello
  • Follow me on Twitter and tweet the following – “#Win a chocolate hamper with @mummyblogger http://ht.ly/hBQyk”
  • Sign up to receive new posts by email. (You’re free to unsubscribe at any time if you get bored. I won’t give you a Chinese burn or anything).

The competition will close on 28th February and you can read the full T&Cs here.

Good luck!
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