‘Are you busy?’

I swear I’ve been asked this at least half a dozen times this week by different people. And not in an ‘are you busy because I need a quick word’ sort of way, but in an ‘is work generally busy’ way.

‘No,’ I answer.

That throws people. They look confused, as though I’ve just admitted out loud to being a FAILURE AT LIFE.

I’ve had to start explaining to people that the reason I wanted to work for myself in the first place was for the flexibility to take time off whenever I liked, or to have quieter periods during the school holidays. For me, that’s the whole point of self-employment. Why on earth would you give up a stable, reliable income and then continue to work like someone was watching you all the time?

I’m not busy at the moment because I choose not to be. SHOCK HORROR.

It’s the middle of the summer holidays and next year Belle goes into year eleven, so I want to be at home while she’s still vaguely interested in hanging out with me. We also moved into a new house at the end of June, and it’s nice to be able to potter about arranging books into pretty colours and generally settling in.

Just because I’m not busy, does that mean I’m not successful or hard working? Does it mean I’m lazy, or that no one wants to work with me? View Post

Because we’ve already been. Sorry.

I mean you can still go obviously, but we won’t be there. Which might be preferable.

I didn’t really expect that I would get to my 23rd year (GAH!) of parenting, and have my oldest child ask if we can go on a trip to the zoo in the summer holidays, but that’s kind of why I wanted to write this, because I think more people should do things that are FUN, like going to the zoo and buying tiny lion fridge magnets in the gift shop and making them ride around the revolving doors at Pizza Express.

Just as an example.


Or you know, climb into a giant penguin egg, or whatever.

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Another day of the summer holidays, another competition! (The first one was for all that chocolate remember? Go and enter that now if you haven’t already.)

This one isn’t edible. (Unless you like to chow down on a scooter, which I’m hoping you don’t.)

The prize for this giveaway has been given to me by Poppets – a really lovely independent kids’ clothes, toys and gifts shop based down in Hove. They just got in touch and were all like ‘hey there, wanna give away a scooter?’

And I was like ‘hell yeah I do!’

(I’m paraphrasing but that’s basically what happened.)

So here I am, with a scooter to give away. The winner gets to choose either a Mini Deluxe Micro Scooter, which is suitable for 2-5 year olds, or a Maxi Deluxe Micro Scooter, for 6-12 year olds.

win a Microscooter scooter competition


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I’ve lived in Taunton on and off now for nearly twenty years and in that time there have been certain shops that have probably always been there, but which have passed under my radar.

And then you buy a house and suddenly you start noticing things and thinking about things that you’ve never thought about before, like boiler insurance and bespoke shelving and built in wardrobes.

We have a Sharps showroom in our town centre, but all this time I honestly thought it was just one bed and a wardrobe, just casually in a shop window. Oh and sometimes balloons advertising special offers.

Sharps fitted wardrobes review

When we knew we were buying this house, and that we were going to go from having big built in bedrooms cupboards to NOTHING, I decided to pop in to the Sharps showroom with Belle and my MIND WAS BLOWN. Turns out it isn’t just a bed and a wardrobe. That place goes back for MILES. Okay, maybe not literally miles, but a long way. I smelt a nice juicy blog project…

Let’s back it up a bit first though.

Let me set the scene in our bedroom so you can see what we have to play with.

It’s not a massive room – roughly 4m x 3m – but part of that is a fairly deep alcove, approximately 2 metres wide. I was VERY proud of myself remembering to take a photo of the empty space before we moved in: View Post

How’s everyone getting on with the summer holidays? All good?

Ours are slipping by fairly quickly so far. We’ve still got quite a few things to do in the new house, including hatching plans for turning our patch of gravel into a tropical paradise and getting fancy built in wardrobes in the bedroom. (Post coming about that soon.) We’ve been to Greece too, on our volunteering trip with Blog Authentic, which you can get a flavour of here, and Belle is sometimes getting up before midday, which is nice.

I know that summer holidays can be hard though if you’re juggling work and kids and tropical garden plans, so I thought I would offer a small carrot – a chocolate hamper that I can dangle in front of you on a stick to see you through the summer.


win chocolate

It looks LUSH doesn’t it? Cadbury aren’t sponsoring me or anything, I just thought about what I would like to win if it was me, and then I’m going to buy it for the winner out of my pocket money. View Post