I’ve been very lucky as a parent that I’ve never had to take either of my children to A&E. They have been to the minor injuries unit a few times, but never for anything serious.

The first time I had to take Belle was when she was about seven years old. She had a friend over to play after school and they were busy in another room. Suddenly I heard this SCREAMING. Proper loud screaming that I’d never heard from Belle before. She was reluctant to tell me at first what the matter was, but it turned out that she had been experimenting with putting pieces of orange peel into her ear (?!) and a piece had got stuck. The more she tried to get it out, the further in it went, until it had became so painful that her only option was to scream until I came and sorted it out.

I couldn’t reach it, so we ended up going to the hospital. I had to sit her on my lap and hold her head still while the doctor fished about with some very long tweezers. It was actually a pretty horrible moment for me, as she was clearly in a lot of pain, and I was there, basically having to hold her in a headlock. Her ear bled a little as they got it out, but she as fine, and we all lived happily ever after. (The friend never came for tea again.)

Belle has had other problems with her ears over the years, and when she was only about four years old she actually had them syringed by the GP as she had a build up of wax. I don’t think doctors really like to syringe ears any more, so the next time she had the same problem we were referred to the hospital for ‘manual wax removal’. Sexy times. Unfortunately, about a week before our appointment, we had a letter saying that they didn’t have the budget for the procedure any more and so there we were, back to square one.

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Mum's List DVDI had a bit of a moment last week.

I watched the trailer for Mum’s List, which is released on DVD today. I got about 40 seconds in before I had goosebumps all over and tears in my eyes. I actually just got goosebumps again then, typing that sentence.

I dare you to watch it now and not feel moved, knowing that it is based on a true story:

What did I tell you?!

If you really want to finish yourself off, (which is what I’ve just done), then have a read of this feature in the Guardian, which is all about the real life events that the film is based on. View Post


Today I have a review post from Bee, featuring her brand new baby sister! (On her Daddy’s side – I’ve not had a secret baby.)

I have a baby sister, Martha. She is small and very funny. Martha is only three weeks old. When she was born, we were all very surprised to see that she was a girl. Even though she cries a lot when she has to get her butt out, she is really so cute and I love her a lot. She is definitely in my top two favourite sisters. (I have two.)

Hippychick SpaceCot

Before Martha was even born, we were offered the chance to test out the super cool SpaceCot from Hippychick, an easy to use travel cot for babies. While Martha is still a little bit small to use it properly, we popped her in there to test it out and she had fun just chilling there in her room.

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There has been a smell of spring in the air over the last couple of weeks.

Do you know the smell I mean? I’m not sure how to describe it really – it’s not quite a warmth, but it takes the edge of the cold. It isn’t a sweetness either – more of a promise of sweetness to come. It’s a smell that makes you want to take a deep breath in and smile to yourself, a smell that makes you want to open a window and dust your skirting boards, in anticipation of a spring clean.

It’s the kind of feeling that inspires you to hang washing outside, even if it is still a little bit on the cold side. You want to wash your sheets and have them dry in the breeze, just to bring a little bit of the freshness into your bedroom.

Neutral 0% washing liquid sensitive skin
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This post about my new DFS sofa contains three of my favourite things:

  • Winter
  • Cosiness
  • Sitting down

I’m not going to be one of those people, and call it Hygge just because I put a blanket over my knees, (I ranted about this), but I will say that I do like a cosy winter’s evening at home on the sofa.

What’s not to love really? Christmas is all done, spring is on its way, and in the meantime you have an excuse to put your pyjamas on at 4pm every day. Snuggle up with a cocoa, light some candles and crack out the Fresh Prince back catalogue. (Sooo excited that this is now on Comedy Central.)

My snuggling has been severely impaired until now by the fact that our biggest sofa was also the least cosy sofa in the whole world. It had no arms, no squishiness – what on earth is the point of a sofa with no arms? You may as well just sit on the floor and lean against the wall. That’s not very cosy is it? That’s like being 13 and on a school camp in an old mansion house and hanging out on the floor in the corridor because you think you’re cool.

No more corridor floor chic for me though.

I’ve got a new sofa from DFS – the Zinc 2 seater sofa, designed by French Connection. You see how comfy yet stylish I look?

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