This post about my new DFS sofa contains three of my favourite things:

  • Winter
  • Cosiness
  • Sitting down

I’m not going to be one of those people, and call it Hygge just because I put a blanket over my knees, (I ranted about this), but I will say that I do like a cosy winter’s evening at home on the sofa.

What’s not to love really? Christmas is all done, spring is on its way, and in the meantime you have an excuse to put your pyjamas on at 4pm every day. Snuggle up with a cocoa, light some candles and crack out the Fresh Prince back catalogue. (Sooo excited that this is now on Comedy Central.)

My snuggling has been severely impaired until now by the fact that our biggest sofa was also the least cosy sofa in the whole world. It had no arms, no squishiness – what on earth is the point of a sofa with no arms? You may as well just sit on the floor and lean against the wall. That’s not very cosy is it? That’s like being 13 and on a school camp in an old mansion house and hanging out on the floor in the corridor because you think you’re cool.

No more corridor floor chic for me though.

I’ve got a new sofa from DFS – the Zinc 2 seater sofa, designed by French Connection. You see how comfy yet stylish I look?

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Today I’m doing a bit of a tech review, looking at the Philips driving video recorder.

Do you ever do that thing when you’re driving, when suddenly you feel super tired and your eyes become harder and harder to keep open? Around 2.30pm in the afternoon is my weak spot and a few times this year I’ve had to pull in somewhere for a power nap. It’s a bit dull for Belle when she’s with me and has to sit watching me sleep in a service station for twenty minutes, but I figure better that than driving her into the back of a lorry.

The weird thing about getting tired while driving, (or generally), is that often you don’t notice it’s happening. You forget that you’ve been on the road for two hours and you go into that weird semi-awake state of mind where you can convince yourself of things that aren’t actually true.

‘Oh no it’s totally fine to close my eyes on the motorway for a minute or two,’ you find yourself thinking, ‘because I have that magical goat that sits on the dashboard to take over when I get sleepy.’

Heads up guys, the goat is not real.

Instead of a magical goat though, you could get yourself a Philips driving video recorder

The whole ethos of the Philips driving video recorder is to give you peace of mind whilst driving. Philips describe it as a ‘personal road safety guardian’. 

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A couple of weeks ago I went to Paris! Fancy. It was the same trip where I went to the cemetery, and that old Parisian man made me chase around after him through the graves.

I wasn’t in Paris though just to rub the crotch of a dead man, I was primarily there to attend the E-Fluent International Conference. The E-Fluent conference has been running for five years now and is essentially a way for bloggers and brands in France to get together and learn more about each other. It’s hosted by French magazine Parole de Mamans and this year the conference became international. Groups of bloggers from all over the world attended, including me!

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Belle has been invited to a sleepover this weekend. She’s pretty excited about it. I’m excited too as it happens to be the night that Fiancé and I have tickets to see Reef at Glastonbury Town Hall, so that all fits together very nicely thank you very much.

Last night she gave me her friend’s mum’s phone number so I could text and check the details.

‘Hello!’ I text. ‘It’s Belle’s mum here! What time would you like me to drop Belle off? Does she need to bring anything? We have a roll out bed if that would be useful?’

Damn, I felt like such a grown up. I’ve never been in the position to offer a roll out bed before and I felt super fancy.

The bed in question is a Bundle Bed and we have had it for a few months now. It has been very useful, and we’ve used it quite a few times already for sleepovers and camping trips. It’s basically a whole bed that you can pop away into a handy roll. They do some really lovely colour combinations – we have this one:

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If you had said to me, a couple of weeks ago, ‘Beano Christmas gifts‘, I’d have said annuals.

That’s it isn’t it?

You know that big display in WHSmiths where you can always buy one get one free on annuals of stuff you’re not sure you’ve ever even heard of? (Seriously, what actually are Shopkins please?!)

This week though I’ve made a discovery. 

Beano now has so much more to offer than annuals!

In fact Beano has this whole online Beano shop full of really cool stuff, like Dennis the Menace t-shirts for men, spud guns, stationary, cards – all of the things. You can even buy comic subscriptions – they are currently offering 13 issues for just £17, with a free Beano beanie worth £13.99! That’s a pretty good deal.

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