Have you ever wondered what it might be like to drive around in a conservatory?

No, I can’t say I have either to be honest. Until that is, we test drove the new Citroën C4 Picasso for the weekend.

Review Citroen C4 Picasso

I often find with newer cars that it’s very hard to see anything at all. They all seem to have these small, steep windscreens, which means you end up with very little visibility, wondering where exactly the car stops and starts and where you are on the road. I turn into an old lady, sat really far forward, leaning over the steering wheel trying to figure out what’s going on.

The Citroën C4 Picasso definitely does not have that problem.

Not only does it have a massive windscreen, but it has large side windows too, plus the sun visors can be slid back into the roof, giving you even more of a panoramic effect. (Very cool.) The end result is that you feel a bit like you are driving around a conservatory. View Post


I’m not one of those people that’s massively into new clothes, shoes and handbags, but I DO love it when I discover a brand that’s not afraid of colour and pattern. If you were to open my wardrobe you’d see what I mean – I’m not even sure I own a plain black dress. Inside the wardrobe is just a mass of floral prints.

My new bits and pieces from Alice’s Pig fit right in.

Alice’s Pig creates vintage inspired clothes and statement pieces that have a lit bit of magic to them – think Alice in Wonderland, with an edge of sassiness. Dressed in something from Alice’s Pig, I feel you’d always be ready for an adventure.

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That’s a song lyric, but it’s true isn’t it? When you find a pair of shoes that fit you well, and look good too, everything is right with the world.

Growing up, I was really hard to buy shoes for. I have weirdly different sized feet – my right foot is about a size bigger than my left – and my feet are quite wide too. (I’m painting a sexy picture aren’t I?) I can remember going to Street when we were little and trudging from shop to shop looking for school shoes that weren’t impossibly uncomfortable.

I’m not much better now. I pretty much always wear flats, and even the most sensible of shoes leave me with blisters when I first wear them.

I had a bit of a revelation a few months ago when I bought my first pair of Converse, aged 38, and so when Cloggs asked if we wanted to have a browse of their site and pick out a couple of pairs of shoes to try, I went straight for the Converse section.

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Looking for a healthier way to eat conveniently? Read my Everdine review and get a £30 discount code for your first Everdine order.

I must confess that I’ve not spectacularly leapt onto the ‘clean eating’ bandwagon. To me, clean eating means putting your toast and chocolate spread onto a clean plate rather than just brushing the crumbs off a plate you find beside the sink.

I don’t think that’s the standard definition though, and it’s certainly not how Everdine defines it.

Clean eating is actually about eating as much ‘real’ food as possible – food in its natural state, unprocessed and unrefined. It’s essentially about going back to basics and eating as nature intended. I think. Although it probably helps with the general ethos to have a clean plate as well,

Recognising my strengths and weaknesses when it comes to food preparation, I’ve been trying out a new food delivery scheme from a company called Everdine.

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Following the popularity of her review of the SpaceCot, Bee is back again with her new baby sister Martha, this time trying out the Sleepyhead Deluxe.

Sleepyhead review

After Martha’s first foray into the world of reviews with the SpaceCot, she’s back again in all her cuteness reviewing the Sleepyhead Deluxe!

The Sleepyhead Deluxe is great because not only is it designed to keep your baby safe and comfy when co-sleeping, but it can also be used in a cot to help your baby sleep better and to make the cot seem smaller, and it’s also perfect for learning stuff like tummy time and also just for relaxing on the floor without being able to roll away. View Post