This is just a little post to help you get excited about Christmas!


Only about nine or so weeks to go now, and the underneath of our bed is already looking like a veritable grotto. I make no excuse at all for my love of Christmas. If you’re not a fan of anyone daring to so much as look at a mince pie before December 24th then you might want to look away from my blog for, ooh, a couple of months?

On my way home from work the other day I popped in the Taunton Visitor Centre, which is hosting the a Cards for Good Causes pop up Christmas shop. They’re selling masses of charity Christmas cards, and other bits and pieces like wrapping paper and other festive goodies.

Cards for Good Causes is the UK’s largest multi-charity Christmas card organisation, selling cards on behalf of over 250 charities, yet a lot of people have never even heard of it. Pop up shops open in libraries, churches, Tourist Information Centres, banks, and this year for the first time, even a ladies clothes shop in Bury St Edmunds. Fancy.

You can buy online too if you’re not near a pop up shop, so have a look at the Cards for Good Causes website here to find out more.

Anyway, to get to the point, I bought a load of cards, and now my card box at home has turned into more of a ‘card pile in the corner of the lounge’.

Here are my five favourites. Happy Christmas!

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If you’re looking for a new approach to online storage, read on to find out more about 123Friday, and how to sign up with my special access code.

A little while ago Belle and I were on our final outing of the summer holidays, doing a spot of archery. (As you do.) Belle was poised, bow in hand, and I reached for my phone to take a picture.

‘Sorry,’ said my phone, (not out loud), ‘but you don’t have enough storage for that.’

Damn it.

And then of course you can’t just delete one photo to make room for another one. Oh no, that would be way to easy. Apparently to make room for just one photo, I have to delete 49 existing photos, and two apps. Grrr. Doesn’t my phone know who I am? I do interesting things phone, I need to be able to capture exciting shots at a moment’s notice. 

When you’re in Paris and it’s 38 degrees for example, your ice cream just isn’t going to wait. 

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Lately I’ve been getting a bit carried away with cushions. It’s not my fault, honestly. I just can’t seem to help myself. It’s because I’m a Taurus, so I love home comforts. You see? I’m helpless. 

The trouble is though that I’m running out of sofas to put them on, and the sofas that we do have are becoming more like cushion storage areas than actual places where we can sit down. Thank goodness there are only three of us living at home because, honestly, if there were any more of us I’d have to use the cushions to build them a shelter in the garden.

There may only be three of us in our house, but what exactly do you do if your family is growing, and you need more space in your home, or even your car? And what about holidays?? (This is exactly why I won’t be having any more children.)

Here are a few things you might need to consider as your family gets bigger.


Storage space

I’ve lived in houses of all shapes and sizes over the years, and I’ve become a bit of a whizz at maximising storage space. The trouble is that I’ve never actually owned a house, so I’ve not been able to do any of the really funky storage things I’d ideally like to do, like build in bookcases to fill whole walls, or to fit between steps on the staircase.

When you look hard, there are normally loads of quirky little spaces like this in a home that can be turned into handy storage.

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You know sometimes you have one of those days, or an outing of some kind, and at the end you sort of sigh to yourself, and think ‘well that was lovely’?

Nothing hugely adventurous happened, you didn’t spend loads of money, but you did something that was just nice, that left you feeling all warm and content with life.

That happened to us a few weeks ago.

Belle and I went to Stourhead, a National Trust place about an hour away from us, and met up with a friend and her nine month old twin girls. (#Rinstwins if you want to check them out on Instagram – how awesome to be called Rin and have twins?! They are made for social media.)

The sky was a bright blue, the forecast promised sunshine all day long, and we had nothing to do and nowhere to be. (Apart from sat down at regular intervals for the twins to snack, which suited me just fine.) We hadn’t got quite as far as packing a picnic, because I love the treat of eating out in a cafe, but I had packed us a little rucksack of essentials – water bottles, mini-cheddars, suntan lotion, and Kleenex pocket packs. It’s weird, but although I was always the parent who forgot wipes, I’ve turned into the woman who always has tissues. There is something very comforting and satisfying about carrying tissues, and that feeling of needing one, and then actually having one – it’s ace.

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As you know from my recent laundry hacks post, one of my worst chores ever is washing clothes. It’s not so much that it’s difficult or messy, it’s just that you never get a sense of satisfaction from it because it’s never truly done. Even if you’ve done all the washing, there’s still the clothes you’re wearing, and then you’re right back to square one the next day. I know that technically this is true with all chores, but there’s something about seeing that one pair of pants at the bottom of the laundry basket that just makes me want to sigh and give up.

Not only is it the clothes in the basket that annoy me, but the clothes scattered all over the house that are supposedly ‘drying’. It’s officially autumn now after all, and raining as I type. Unfortunately for me, I live in a small house with no room for a tumble dryer or dishwasher or anything fancy. I don’t even have a very good airer, so usually end up hastily clearing away towels from banisters and t-shirts from the top of doors when people come over.

My current airer is a standard massive plastic thing that takes up about half my lounge, in a very unsexy way. Lately I’ve been spending rather too much time looking at the range at Airers4you, imagining my dream drying scenarios. This is probably information I should keep to myself, but you know I’m not good at that. View Post