I am feeling hormonal today.

It’s probably more information than you need, but I don’t care, you’ve got it now. (That’s the sort of mood I’m in. I’m making a frowny face at the screen right now.)

Hormones, just in case you are a man and don’t know about these things, are chemicals created by some kind of devil being, designed to take what you thought was a perfectly nice life, and shake it around a bit in a big can of mud, until you are so cross and sad and confused that you don’t know what’s happening any more, or why you’re even mad.

*Makes sulky grunting noise*

Eating half a bar of Christmas spiced chocolate didn’t work, so I thought I’d spend a little bit of time looking at my favourite door pictures from Instagram. I don’t know about you, but when I look at pictures of beautiful front doors, I find it very hard to feel sad.

Like this one. 

When I saw this door in London this morning I was drawn to the fanlight above the door. I’m pretty sure that this door is trying to tell me something in code – BATMAN LIVES HERE.

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This morning I got out of bed and punched myself in the stomach, all in the name of the Hayo’u method.

Okay, so I’m dramatising to get your attention, but it worked didn’t it? You’re still reading. (Don’t stop now, just to make a point.)

I’ve actually been giving myself a good pummelling every day now for about two weeks, ever since I went to visit Katie Brindle. Katie is an expert in Chinese medicine and creator of the Hayo’u method. 

Katie Brindle Hayo'u method

So here’s the deal. Just follow me for a bit, because I know some people will be a bit sceptical about Chinese medicine, but even if you can’t get your head around the idea of Qi, (pronounced ‘chee’), then you can still benefit from Katie’s experience and get something out of her one minute rituals.  View Post

Today I’m reviewing hoolio – the online fitness app.

Last week I faced a challenge. A very tough and serious challenge. Fiancé asked me to take a picture of myself, high fiving myself, without using the timer. 

(Oaky, this is a lie, he didn’t say ‘without using the timer’, but I didn’t realise until afterwards that my phone camera has a timer, and then I felt a bit stupid, so I’m pretending that that was the challenge all along.)

It was tricky. Try it now if you don’t believe me. I tried various methods that involved propping my phone against things and trying to take the picture with my nose, but none of them worked. In the end, I had to take off my shoes and tights, and hold the phone between my toes, whilst twisting my body to get my hands around in front of the camera, and pressing the button with my toe.

I ended up with this, as well as a feeling that I probably have too much time on my hands:


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I get a lot of people on social media questioning my blog name.

‘You don’t look slummy,’ they say, ‘so where does the name come from?’

It’s true, I am glorious – a virtual goddess, always turned out impeccably and with full make up, so I can see where the confusion might arise. When I started Slummy Single Mummy, the slummy part of it came less from my physical appearance though, and more from my general attitude to life, especially my ‘relaxed’ style of parenting* and my lack of enthusiasm in the housework department.

To illustrate the point, here is my dressing table, as it was 24 hours ago:

dressing table makeover tidying tips

dressing table makeover tidying tips

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Picture me now…

I’m at home, in my conservatory. The sun is streaming through the windows, (but it’s not too hot – you can get fancy glass for that now), and I’m surrounded by gorgeous plants. In my hand is some sort of delicious gin based cocktail – I have guests round and we’re chatting in a relaxed way about very interesting and intelligent things. Over in the corner where we keep the bar, my fiancé is fixing a drink for Stephen Fry and chatting about music and cricket…

Okay, you got me, none of that is real. What gave it away?

It would be ace though wouldn’t it? I’ve always felt that a proper conservatory is really the dream – I’m a sucker for plants, and a beautiful space that I could fill with them, whilst I reclined elegantly somewhere, would be ideal.

Perhaps a little something like this?

shutterstock_363302444 (1), Oakley conservatories

I think fiancé might have an actual heart attack if he came home and saw that. He’d like something a little more along these lines I reckon:

shutterstock_357007598 (1), Oakley conservatories

If you’ve often toyed with the idea of a conservatory, and want to make more space in your home for entertaining, but have never been sure about the practicalities, how about going along to a showroom? I have to admit that I didn’t know until recently that there was even such a thing as a conservatory showroom, but what do I know?

Oakley Green Conservatories has a showroom near me in Bristol, as well as conservatory showrooms in Thatcham and Maidenhead. The beauty of a company like Oakley is that they can also get involved in non-conservatory related building work, so if you want a major revamp, they can also help with kitchen designs. It would be rather nice to think you only had to go to one place for the whole project.

To give you some further conservatory inspiration, I’ve put together a Pinterest board full of lovely conservatory entertaining pictures.

You’ll be fixing Stephen Fry that drink before you know it.



Images – Craig Hinton, Joshua Rainey Photography – from Shutterstock. Sponsored post.

I have come to the conclusion that 95% of kitchen chairs are just ugly. 

I’ve been trying to find some lovely, simple, elegant dining chairs, and it’s pretty much impossible. Everything is high-backed and made of leather. Yuk. If someone could point me towards something beautiful, I would be very grateful. 

I will need to wait until I own my own house of course until I can actually make my whole kitchen beautiful, but I do think about it a lot. I had a press release earlier this week in fact, which inspired a new Pinterest board. It was of this cooker from Everhot. I will give you a minute or so to have a little sigh and imagine yourself here, eating a slice of warm chocolate cake.

Everhot cooker teal, blue green kitchens

It’s a bit gorgeous isn’t it? 

I love a bit of colour at home, and blues, greens and teals are lovely in a kitchen. They have a wonderful clean, freshness to them, and give you the feeling that it might be spring, even if it’s raining. (I am very gullible, and can be made to believe pretty much anything.) 

The Everhot cooker is a teeny bit out of my price range for now, but you don’t need to have masses of cash to add colour to your kitchen. Coloured glass is always nice, and I have a whole shelf full of LSA glass. My latest addition is the teal LSA Basis jug in teal – the one in the middle here. It looks lovely with a few long-stemed flowers, or use it to serve summer cocktails. I have these tea and coffee jars too, from Amazon, which add some blue, retro style.

LSA basis jug, blue green kitchens

I LOVE this kitchen.

I love the contrast of the white with the greens and bright teal coloured tiles. I love that it’s full of plants too – I think bright white makes a brilliant background for plants and splashes of bright colour like this.

When I grow up…


If you’d like a bit more green/blue kitchen inspiration you can check out my Pinterest board. 

What colours do you like in a kitchen? 


What would you do with a completely empty room in your house? We’re very limited space wise at the moment, but one of our favourite games to play, especially if we’re in bed and can’t sleep, is to imagine our dream house, and plan out what would be in each room. 

Although where we live now is small, we’ve definitely lived in houses before where if we’d been a bit more organised, and perhaps had a reshuffle, got rid of things we didn’t need, or put some things into storage, (somewhere like Storebox storage solutions maybe), we could have easily have created an empty room. But then what would you do with it? 

The trouble, I think, would be that different members of the family would have very different ideas about what they wanted. If it were down to me, I’d like to make a creative space for work. It wouldn’t be somewhere I’d go to check emails or anything dull like that, but it would be a space where I could do things like set up pictures for Instagram, film videos, experiment with my photography, read interesting books, play with props – all of the stuff that I don’t really have the space for at the moment. I’d even love to go as far as having different colours and patterns on different walls, as backdrops for photos.

I put together a Pinterest board, so you can get a feel for what I’d love to create:

Belle would have very different ideas though. 

She’s often described her dream home to me, and it always includes an indoor swimming pool and a dance studio. She’s also far more interested in technology than me, so I think her dream room would also involve a huge television, and probably lots of connected gadgets. (I can’t begin to describe them as I not even quite sure what all of our different remote controls do.)

In fact, I was interested to see what Belle’s plans for an empty room might be, so I asked her to create her own Pinterest board. She has just got into Pinterest recently, and is pinning a lot of recipe ideas, so I thought she might enjoy this. I was actually very impressed with her final ideas. As predicted, there were a few television screens and indoor water slides, but also a lot of very tasteful interiors ideas – she has clearly inherited my excellent taste. *ahem*

I could only screenshot her board, as it’s on her own account, and obviously that’s top secret, but please do go and see it in full – she’d be so chuffed to have some people follow her or like her pins.

What would you do with a completely empty room?

interiors inspiration

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