Okay, straight up, this is a review of a bin. I’m not gonna lie to you.

But when is a bin more than a bin? When it’s a waste separation and recycling system.

The JosephJoseph Totem 6o waste separation and recycling system in fact. Like this one, which now lives in our kitchen:

JosephJoseph Totem 60 review


As you know, we moved house a few weeks ago and although in some ways we have a lot more space, like a garage and a garden and a loft, we do have a smaller kitchen, and you can’t keep your kitchen bin in the loft can you? NOT handy when you’re cooking tea.

In fact, in the weeks leading up to the move I started to freak out a little bit about the kitchen. Belle must have been sick to death of me talking about where we were going to put a table, and I’d say that by the time it came to moving day she was DONE with all talk of recycling storage options.

(I don’t blame her. I was BOOORING.)

In the old house we had a big space under a worktop where we could keep all that kitchen crap like carrier bags and recycling and potatoes, but in the new house we don’t have anything like that. What I needed was some kind of genius system where I could keep rubbish and sort recycling without it taking up any more space than a regular bin.


Looking for flexible shelving? Read my Tylko review!

I want to introduce you to what may well be my very favourite thing in my new house – my shelves from Tylko:

Tylko review felxible shelving

Well hello there!

Let’s start at the beginning though. How exactly did I create this masterpiece of shelving?? Easy peasy actually. I’ll show you.

First up, you have to go to the Tylko website, then click under the ‘shelves’ menu to find the kind of shelving you need. They have split it into categories to help get you started, like bookshelves and sideboards, but essentially they all do the same thing as everything is totally customisable.

Pop in the dimensions of your space, then play around to get the design you want: View Post

I was in two minds about telling this story, as there isn’t a really funny punchline or anything, but then I remembered that while I had my legs in the air I told the doctor and the nurse that I would be writing an account of it on my blog – I gave them the address and everything – and I didn’t want to disappoint them.

So. My cervix.

It’s always been a little elusive, as you may remember from this post I wrote about a smear test. This one was way back in 2010, but it’s very funny so you should definitely read it. (I HAVE had a smear test in between, just in case you were worried about me.)

Anyway, I’ve been have a few issues with random bleeding, and although I’m very much of the ‘have a snack and a lie down’ school of thought when it comes to any kind of ailment, I thought it best to get it checked. The GP said that she thought I probably just had a ‘fragile cervix’, which immediately created an image in my mind of my cervix sobbing quietly to itself as it watched a family reunion on a TV chat show, but that she’d refer me for a closer look just in case.


cervical exam

Image b

(I searched the word ‘speculum’ for a suitably scary image to go in here, and it came up with this picture of a pigeon, which I thought was much nicer. Apparently ‘the speculum is a patch, often distinctly coloured, on the inner remiges of some birds.’ I have tagged the image ‘cervical exam’ though, as a nice surprise for anyone googling that.) View Post

I had a very interesting day on Thursday last week.

For those of you who didn’t know, (which is probably most of you), Thursday May 11th was Somerset Day, a day for celebrating all things Somerset. I live in Somerset and I love it, so I wanted to get involved, and ended up getting roped into a day long A to Z challenge. The idea was to showcase the diversity of industry in the county, by travelling around Somerset meeting as many different people as possible, finding out more about the jobs they do. (Check out the activity on @SomersetHour for Thursday if you want to see pictures.)

Because Somerset is a pretty big county, with lots of hills and moors and what not, we split into areas and I was given Sedgemoor, which is the bit in the middle that includes Bridgwater, North Petherton, Burnham-on-Sea and Cheddar:

Get Fruit Somerset Day

It’s a pretty big area, but not the biggest district in Somerset, and it does have a handy stretch of motorway through the middle, so I think I got a pretty good deal.

It all worked out very nicely actually, as it coincided with me having a Hyundai i30 to test drive, plus the lovely team at Get Fruity stocked me up with their yummy fruit and oat bars to keep me sustained during the day. View Post

Did you know that this May is National Walking Month?

Walking is such an important part of my exercise routine. Who am kidding? It’s the ONLY part of my exercise routine. If I didn’t walk to work and back every day, and potter about in between, I’d basically be a sloth, lying around all day on a huge, comfy branch.

Walking has all kinds of benefits. It’s great physically obviously to get your body moving and your heart pumping, but I find walking really useful mentally too. If I’m feeling a bit grumpy or miserable or cross, going for walk makes a difference. Not immediately, but after ten minutes or so of swinging my arms and pounding my feet I start to feel more relaxed. Things seem to shift and fall into line more neatly than before. I start to get ideas. The world takes on a rosier glow.

To get as many people as possible enjoying the benefits of walking, Westfield Health is launching its Walking Lunch campaign to coincide with National Walking Month, in partnership with the UK’s walking charity Living Streets. The theme of national Walking Month for 2017 is ‘walking cities’, which is why for Walking Lunch 2017, Westfield Health are cosponsoring the Crumbs City Trail app. You can register as a team or as an individual, track your steps on their UK leaderboard AND win fantastic prizes if you’re one of the most active participants. Prizes include vouchers, fitness trackers and £1,000 cash towards a health and wellbeing initiative in your workplace.

To celebrate, and encourage you guys to have a go, I took Bee and Belle out for a walk to try out one of the Bristol Crumbs City Trails.

Aren’t they adorable? My two little cherubs.

National Walking Month View Post

I think it would be fair to say that Belle and I approach make-up and skin care from totally opposite ends of the spectrum.

For me, it’s all about protecting my skin, moisturising, using sun protection and generally keeping it healthy. For Belle, who turns 15 in a few months, it’s all about contouring, Kylie Jenner lip kits and getting the perfect winged eyeliner. (None of which I understand.) Sometimes I worry that I’ve neglected my parental duties by not teaching her how to apply make-up, but to be honest, she already knows way more than me.

One of her very favourite things is to do other people’s make-up. She loves creating different looks and experimenting with different colours and products. She spends most of her pocket money on make-up palettes and is very particular about who gets to use her make-up collection.

Because I really am a lovely mummy, even if I don’t know much about mascara, I let Belle do my make-up this week, and took the opportunity, while she couldn’t walk away, to talk to her about taking care of your skin.

Whatever your age, whether you’re 14 like Belle or 21 *ahem* like me, looking after your skin is really important. Whatever you want to do make-up wise is kind of irrelevant – the need for healthy skin is something that applies to us all, whatever your age.

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