Yesterday I had the pleasure of being given a crystal massage by Belle. She has always liked collecting crystals, but recently she bought a book about them in the St Margaret’s Hospice shop and now she is all about the chakras.

She had her friend from Number 2 round to help and I must admit to being a little anxious as they made me lie on the floor on the special ‘massage rug’. A lot of her stones are quite scratchy and I wasn’t sure exactly what the massaging would entail.

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You may remember a few weeks ago I hosted a guest post from a rather mysterious writer, on the subject of baby names, specifically the name Jeremy. (Apologies to Boyfriend’s Dad – I didn’t write it, I promise.)
Well it seems to be a bit of a contentious issue, and today I have another post on the subject, this time from the very lovely Emma Button, better known as Mellow Mummy. I think it’s a fab post, although as a Strictly fan I don’t know why Emma hasn’t considered ‘Bruce Button’. A definite winner I think.

It is that time again when I need to draw up a very important list. The list of potential baby names. In the mellow household naming babies is supposed to be (like pretty much everything else we do) a joint effort, but for some reason it always seems to end up going a bit like this…
Me: “How about Sophie Button?”
Him: “Nope”
Me: “How about Nicola Button”?”
Him: “Nope”
Me: “Billy Button?”
Him: <frown>
Me: “Harry Button?”
Him: <glour>
Me: “Hutton Button?”
Him: <no response>
End of conversation. The whole baby naming drama isn’t helped by the fact that we often seem to end up having this conversation while watching TV. This in itself wouldn’t be a problem but for the fact that Mr. B really does like his sports. The result of this is a list of baby names which are ( a) mostly boys names and ( b) slightly ludicrous. A recent football match resulted in a debate over the suitability of “Nani Button” as a boy’s name. My sport of choice is Formula One but I suspect that the name “Jenson Button” has already been worn out and that “Rubens Button” may be a bit too deep for most.
I can’t fail to be entertained by the whole host of hilarious suggestions thrown up while watching late-night American Football. Now call me unreasonable but (as groovy a name as it is), I don’t think “Be‘Shawn Button” would sit in awfully well in our largely white, middle-class, english, non-American-football-playing family?
As I type this we are watching late night repeats of Masterchef : The Professionals on the food channel. Perhaps “Michel Button” would be more appropriate? or Greg? Actually, “Greg Button” could work!
For now I will have to keep on running some slightly more sane ideas past my other half but please don’t hold me responsible if baby number two ends up being named after one (or more) of the celebrities on this year’s Strictly Come Dancing.


A friend emailed me yesterday.

“I saw this award thing,” she wrote, “and your blog’s not too shite, so I nominated you.”

Well ta very much, I thought to myself. I have been thinking about adding a testimonials page and this would be perfect – ‘Your blog’s not too shite’. It could go with the tweet I had recently saying ‘I laughed so hard a little bit of wee came out.’

Anyway, I had a look, and she’s nominated me in the Bloggies, which looks rather fancy, and has a prize of 2012 whole US cents. I don’t care at all of course, writing as I do purely for the therapeutic value and not at all because I crave praise and external validation*, but if you did want to nominate me, I wouldn’t really mind.

*shrugs nonchalantly*

You know, whatever.



How do you feel about debt?

From a quick survey of my friends, debt seems to have the marmite quality – you either love it, or you hate it.

For some people, the idea of being in debt is terrifying. Holidays, cars and treats are carefully saved up for, and only when there are enough pennies in the pot can you splash out. For others, juggling a fistful of credit cards and loans is a normal part of everyday life, a way to manage unexpected expenses, or simply a way to get what they want, when they want it. View Post


I’m finding it difficult to start writing this morning. I feel like I should have something interesting to say, but then in the cold light of a white page the words look dull.

I thought about writing about Christmas as a time of excess, and my inability to control the number of M&S Christmas Jaffa Cakes I put in my mouth, but that seemed a little self-indulgent. (In terms of both the food and the topic). Who wants to know I’m a greedy piggy with no self-restraint? Nobody. View Post