The other day Belle and I were having lunch in McDonalds. I make no excuses for the fact that we go to McDonalds because we like it, so there. Also, we recently smuggled a full McDonalds breakfast for two into the cinema under Belle’s coat and it was ACE.

So we were in McDonalds, having just collecting our meal. As a side note – Belle does like ordering through those screens but I’m not entirely sure of the point of them. They just seem to have shifted the queue from the ordering stage to the food collection stage. Who knows, perhaps they did research and found that people are happier queuing when they know their Big Mac is on its way.

Mcdonalds Big Mac and fries

Anyway, we’d collected our food and I put the tray down onto the table. Some of my fries spilled out of their little carton. You know how they always do that, and you have to sort of round them back up? I collected all together again and I put the last straggler straight into my mouth, (for the sake of efficiency).

‘Belle,’ I said, pulling a sad face, ‘that chip was completely cold.’

‘What do you mean?’ she said.

‘I mean I just ate someone else’s old, cold chip off a table in McDonalds.’

‘That’s disgusting,’ she said.

Yes. Yes it was.


I am a DisneyLife Brand Ambassador and this post was created in partnership with DisneyLife, who have provided me with a free 12 month DisneyLife subscription. Read on for my five favourite Disney Christmas songs.

disney Christmas songs

It’s time for a quick Christmas quiz for you about me!

When it comes to Christmas songs, do I:

a) Prefer to wait until Christmas Eve to pop on a Bublé classics album at a moderate volume

b) Think it’s all a bit silly and prefer to sit quietly watching the Queen’s speech

c) Hum Jingle Bells to myself throughout the whole year and then insist on playing a Christmas playlist in the office from about mid-November.

If you didn’t answer ‘C’ then get out – you don’t know me at all. What are you even doing here? Have you not seen my hat? View Post


Have you seen the Sainsbury’s Christmas advert? 

The theme is family, togetherness, that sort of thing. It’s been made using stop frame animation and it apparently took 420 hours to film the stop frame part, with another eight weeks post production time on top of this. You can watch it here if you’ve not seen it already:

As part of their Christmas activity this year, Sainsbury’s is also supporting Great Ormond Street Hospital through the sale of stop frame animation kits and gingerbread ‘Daves’. All the profits from the sale of these items will go to the Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity.

Sainsbury's Christmas advert Great Ormond Street

Sainsbury’s sent me and Belle one of their animation kits to have a look at, along with a couple of gingerbread Daves, which we sort of accidentally ate straight away. (Just in case you’re wondering why these don’t appear in the animation.) The kit is really well put together and comes in a sturdy box that folds out to create two different sets. You get a well-written film-maker’s guide, a few props and some cardboard characters. View Post


One of Belle’s favourite teddies is a rather strange looking creature named Frogmal.

I made Frogmal myself as a Christmas present after a visit to Camp Bestival one summer about six or so years ago. There was a vintage caravan there, selling these home made stuffed toys that were deliberately a bit quirky and wonky looking. They had parcel tags tied around their necks with unusual names on them. I’m sure you can picture the scene.

‘I want one of those for Christmas!’ said a small at the time Belle.

‘Pah!’ said me, also probably a little smaller, waist wise, ‘I could make you one of those!’

I remember Belle looking sceptical. She doesn’t forget though, bless her, so for the next six months I had weekly reminders about the toy I had promised her. Christmas got closer, and the toy remained unmade, until I was forced, probably on around December 23rd, to scrabble around for bit of fabric and a needle. I found an old dress of Bee’s and got stitching. I didn’t have a sewing machine and it took bloody ages.

The end result wasn’t exactly the artisan craft we’d seen at the festival, but Belle seemed to like it. Petplan insurance View Post