I have two questions for you:

  1. Do you love taking your family to the theatre? (Maybe you’ve always wanted to take your kids but never quite got round to it – that counts too.)
  2. Did you know that Amazon sold discount theatre tickets?

If you answered YES then NO then welcome to my world.

(If you answered YES and YES then good work, go to the top of the class.)

I am probably one of Amazon’s best customers. I have Amazon Prime and man, I get value from my free delivery. I could be in the middle of doing something, like getting dressed, or hoovering, and I’ll suddenly think ‘Oooh, I really need one of those box files for all my documents…’ and boom, it’s ordered.

(Probably a little bit impulsive but I’ve never ended up with anything too ridiculous.)

I have an Amazon wish list for things I want, lists for other people… I’m ALL OVER IT.

And yet.

Until a couple of days ago I NEVER KNEW that Amazon sold theatre tickets! How have I missed this?? More to the point, how has Amazon, who seem to know I need microfibre cleaning cloths before even I do, failed to let me know?

You missed a trick Amazon! We love the theatre!

Anyway, now I know, so it’s okay.

Amazon Tickets actually launched back in 2015. It offers all Amazon customers quick and easy booking, low and all-inclusive prices and trusted customer experience when booking tickets to music, West End theatre, comedy and live events across the UK.

I love the idea of ordering tickets through Amazon like this as I always get a bit anxious booking tickets when it feels like there are half a dozen places you could buy them from, and you’re never sure which is going to give you the best deal.

June is Family Show Month at Amazon Tickets, so they have extra special offers on some really great family shows, like these.

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I’ve never done a proper family photoshoot before. I guess because in my mind they are always awful. No offence if you like those dreadful staged photos on a cheesy background, where you’re all lying on your fronts with your heads resting in your hands, they’re just not my thing.

We’re going to be moving house soon, (once the vendor finds her stupid gas safety certificate and we can finally set a date), and looking around the house where we are now I’ve realised that all of our family photos are at least five years old.

On the one had this is fine – I looked much younger and thinner then, and the girls had cute chubby cheeks – but it’s starting to feel a bit weird, like perhaps the last few years haven’t actually been real?

I decided that a new house should mean a new start photo wise, and so reluctantly I have been taking down the photos of Belle dressed as an Easter bunny, ready to put up more recent ones.

But what to do about a shoot that wouldn’t mean us looking like this??

family photo shoot

Image – 

(Apologies if this is you and your family but seriously, what were you thinking with those baubles and Dad casually holding a gift?!)

Cue Liam from Life is Crawsome and his super cool drone.

Nothing could be further from the Christmas bauble awfulness than spending the afternoon in the middle of a forest, lying on the floor while a drone hovers above you taking pictures.

Life is Crawsome family photo shoot

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We were at my Mum’s for tea at the weekend. (Roast chicken – very nice.) It was the Sunday at the end of the half term week. I was on my second glass of red wine. (It had been a long week.)

‘What did you get up to over half term then?’ my Mum asked Belle.

‘Not much really,’ Belle replied.

I spluttered a bit.

‘Not much??’ I said, wondering why I had bothered to do ANYTHING AT ALL.

‘Okay,’ said Belle, ‘what did we do then?’

‘Well,’ I said, ‘we went to the races and you doubled your pocket money*, we had a day in London, we went for a day out and a picnic with Rin and her twin babies, and we took your friends to a theme park, and we went to the cinema??’

‘Yeah,’ said Belle, ‘but that was all.’

Jesus Christ.

So yeah, that was all we did, so nothing to see here.

Seriously though, I thought we actually had a lovely half term and did a lot of stuff, despite what Belle says. I’m not sure what she was expecting exactly – a cruise around the Norwegian Fjords perhaps? Afternoon tea with the Queen??

We were very lucky actually, as we had been given a Kia Optima Sportswagon to try out for the week, which was a bit lush, so everything we did, we did in total comfort. It was interesting to try it out actually, as a couple of weeks ago we had the Hyundai i30 to test drive and they are very similar in terms of their basics functions and features. I did a bit of research and discovered that the Kia is basically meant to be the sporty, feisty big sister, whereas the Hyundai i30 is the more subtle, elegant, middle aged aunt.

This felt about right to me.

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When you think of Butlins, what images spring to mind? If I ask you to picture a Butlins chalet, what does it look like?

I’m prepared to wager a pound that it doesn’t look like this:

Butlins Minehead review

I didn’t think so.

Butlins has spent a lot of money over the last few years bringing their accommodation up to scratch, and it shows. Our Lakeside Chalet in Minehead was fantastic – bright, clean, spacious and designed completely with families in mind. We had French windows, a view over the lake, and everything we needed to spend a comfortable Easter weekend away from home.

What’s nice though, is that Butlins hasn’t lost it’s original charm and one of my favourite parts of the weekend was spotting little retro bits and pieces around the park. View Post


Easter egg hunt

Do you ever get bored of the same old Easter egg hunts?

I do.

I’ve been doing them for years now, and it would be nice quite frankly if the Easter Bunny hid ME some Easter eggs one year, but he never does, so I guess I will just have to carry on.

This year we were challenged by Robinsons Fruit Shoot to mix things up a little in the Easter egg hunt department, by creating a hunt on a theme. You might have seen the ‘It’s My Thing‘ TV ads for Fruit Shoot? They are all about finding that thing that excites you as a child, and championing that. We’re all different after all, and we should be celebrating that, not trying to make everyone exactly the same. View Post