Do you remember a little while ago I tried out Everdine? It’s a food delivery service where everything is wonderfully wholesome and delicious. Imagine what it’s like being at my house for tea. (We had fish fingers, mini potato waffles and baked beans last night.)

Everdine is the opposite of that.

In yet another fantabulous Christmas competition, I’m giving away a month of clean eating meals from Everdine. It’s two, eight meal boxes, spread over a month, so 16 meals in total. That’s enough to make sure that you’re nicely balancing out all the Christmas excess and don’t have to feel quite as bad about yourself as if you were having mince pies and mulled wine for every meal. 

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How early is too early to put up a Christmas tree?

I say ‘NEVER!’

Fiancé says that anything before the second week of December is common. I pointed out that I AM quite common, which he accepted was probably true.

I was prepared to compromise. Our tree at home – always a real one – would wait and instead I would decorate my office.


An office Christmas tree is definitely allowed to go up earlier, because you don’t spend as much time at work over the actual Christmas period and so you need more time to appreciate the sparkles. Luckily I share an office with a friend, Paul, who is just as easily excited about Christmas as me, and another, Marcus, who is only young and so happily goes along with whatever I tell him.

Paul and I agreed that November 25th – one month exactly until Christmas – was an excellent time to head to Poundstretcher to fill a basket with all things sparkly.

I’ve never bought an artificial tree before and was a bit worried that it would look naff. It really doesn’t though. We went for a 6ft tree with snow tipped branches and fir cones, which was on special offer and just £24.99. It came in three parts and was very easy to erect – you just slot it together at the trunk and then bend the branches to bush it out a bit. Easy.
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I mentioned a little while ago about how difficult I am (apparently) to buy presents for. Essentially it’s because I’m just not that bothered about stuff. 

Sometimes though I fall in love with something totally random, something that no one that knows me would ever have thought to buy me. My new bangle from Infinity & Co is one of those things. I’m sure that if my mum or sister for example walked past this in a shop, they wouldn’t in a million years choose it for me, and yet… 

See how sparkly it is?! 

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I hope you’ve been enjoying all of my Christmas-tastic competitions over the last few weeks? There are more to come, so do keep coming back! Today’s competition is a cracker, (Christmas pun intended), plus I have a cool tool to tell you about that might help you find a bit of extra work in the run up to Christmas. 

Have a read, and then I’ll tell you how to enter for your chance to win £100 of John Lewis vouchers.

Coople is Europe’s number one flexible work platform, offering job opportunities direct to your mobile. It’s free to join, and it only takes a few minutes to sign up.  Coople connects people looking for work  – known as ‘Cooplers’ – with companies looking for help to cover shifts lasting from just a day to up to a month. Both parties can use the app to rate each other, meaning you have a clear idea of who you’re taking on or the job you’re applying for. For employers, it’s very handy, as Coople takes care of all right-to-work checks, admin, and payroll, and fills 98% of roles within four hours.

How does Coople work?

It’s pretty simple. You sign up, and pick out the sort of jobs you’re interested in, as well as your level of expertise. You’ll then need to upload some ID as proof of your eligibility to work in the UK.

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Come into my house at any point and you can normally have a good guess at what time of the year it is based on how many boxes of books from The Book People I have under my bed:

  • 0 boxes = January – June
  • 1 box = July – September
  • 3 boxes = October – November
  • 47 boxes = December

It’s approximate, but fairly accurate.

If you’ve never shopped with the Book People before, let me give you a quick overview – it’s books, but they are really cheap. Not in a bargain basement way either – no knocked off Jordan autobiographies – it’s proper decent books, just at low prices. They’re well known too for their sets of books, which are even better value. Normally I spend around £40 in any transaction, and get what would be over £100 of books.

It’s fair to say then that this is a FLAME GRILLED WHOPPER of a prize. With extra cheese. £100 at The Book People will take you straight to November on my Book People timeline, starting from zero.

There are thousands and thousands of books for sale, but here are a few things to whet your reading appetite:

The ENTIRE Man Booker Prize shortlist is currently available for £30 (RRP £85.94)

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