I have to confess that I would normally think of myself as more of a biscuit than a cake person. I could quite happily munch my way through a whole packet of cookies, but cake… I’m not so sure.

I make an exception though for My Kipling.

(The cakes, not the actual man. Is he an actual man even?*)

Mr Kipling gluten free cakes

Mr Kipling cakes are different. With a Mr Kipling cake you never have to worry about them being too dry, or too sweet, or anything like that, because they are always PERFECT. I think this is the issue with cake normally for me – it’s a big investment calorie wise in something that can be unpredictable, and there’s nothing worse than chomping your way through a piece of yukky, dry cake, knowing that the calorie-enjoyment ratio has FAILED.

Sure, you can try to make yourself feel better about the wasted calories in some way – you were at a business meeting, or standing up, or something else that means it doesn’t count – but it doesn’t help. You need a cake you can rely on.

Mr Kipling cakes then = GOOD. (Exceedingly good, some might say.) View Post


I had one of those moments this week where I had to check myself.

I found that I’d made a mistake and double booked myself for some work, because I hadn’t put the first thing in my diary. It was an easy mistake to make, because I AM A HUMAN BEING AND NOT A ROBOT.

I felt really bad about it though, and started thinking ‘what can I say? How can I get out of it??’ I felt like I needed an excuse for being so stupid. Maybe I could wait until nearer the time and then come up with some kind of mystery illness?

what to do if you make a mistake


And then I remembered that bit about BEING A HUMAN BEING.

Oh yeah. View Post


Looking for easy ways to make money online? Here are some tips for you from Jon at the Money Shed. He’s just given the site a big revamp so he’s been hounding me to let him tell people about it.

ways to make money online

As a modern tech savvy bloke who frequents all things social media I am forever seeing posts and tweets about how little money people have. There seems to be a template to these bits of communication. It starts with a boohoo statement (It’s SO unfair! Why can’t I have such and such a thing?!) and then seems to descend into a rant about how life has generally given them the short straw because they can’t even buy whatever fancy makeup / car / item of clothing / holiday that they want!

I see this sort of stuff ALL DAY, EVERYDAY and it drives me MAD!


Well as the owner of The Money Shed which is the UK’s largest community website dedicated to earning money from home online I KNOW I can get these people earning around £1000 a month easily from their laptops at home without any trouble! (If you are in any doubt then take a look at the previous interview I have done with Jo on this site here and you will see the the AMAZING testimonials from users of my blog and forum)    View Post


When you become a parent, your priorities change. Whereas in the past it might have been hanging out with friends, being busy with work, drinking gin etc, it’s now become enduring having to play shops, picking Lego out of the soles of your feet, drinking gin etc.

(There is SOME overlap.)

Even when it might feel like your life just isn’t your own, it’s important to take some time to take care of yourself. If you don’t, no one else is going to! To inspire you, https://www.ellisons.co.uk have put together an ‘Experts in Beauty’ ebook, which is worth a browse, and I’ve come up with a few tips of my own.

Get enough sleep

Okay, so I didn’t say all of these were going to be easy! Even though it can feel hard to come by, sleep is one of the most important things in terms of physical and emotional well-being. Keep to regular bedtimes and try to avoid long lie-ins on random days, as this can be disruptive to good sleep patterns. View Post


Guest post from Fiancé.

Last weekend I saw a bunch of childhood friends. It was great to hangout and catch-up. It’s only every few years that we’re all together as a group and it’s interesting to see how the dynamics have changed (and in some cases haven’t) over the past 30 years.

Jaded and with a slightly fuzzy head, I got a lift back with one of my friends I hadn’t seen for four years. He seemed more grown up than me – it’s not hard – and we were discussing commuting. ‘I don’t care anymore’ he said. ‘I’m one of those people on the train who wears trainers with a suit and changes at work’.

I do the same, commuting into London from Somerset each week and negotiating the underground on a daily basis, although ten years ago it’s something I’d never have thought about doing.

Before this sounds anymore like an Alan Bennett short story, there is a point to this. The worst thing about commuting has been my old faithful backpack, which is my glorified shoebox on the move. This is gross but true, and everyone will appreciate this – no matter what the weather, be it summer or winter, I get to work, take my backpack off ,and my back is soaked with sweat. Blue shirts are a total no and it’s a real pain. I either have to stand in front of a hand dryer or a desk fan for five minutes.

Neither is ideal and both are embarrassing if you’re caught.

Enter the North Face Kuhtai 34 litre backpack from Millets – a stylish backpack built just for commuters.

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