A couple of weeks ago I did a REALLY LOVELY THING. I went to the HelloFresh headquarters in London, made a terrarium of my very own and then drank champagne and ate the best dauphinoise potatoes I have ever tasted. (Seriously, they were so good. If you’re a fan then you definitely need to read on to find out more about the HelloFresh Easter box.)

Basically I got invited to spend a couple of hours doing my FAVOURITE THINGS.

It was awesome.

We started the fun with a tour of the HelloFresh offices from Patrick, Head Chef at HelloFresh. Their space, as you can imagine, is pretty cool. Imagine that Google did food, and had meetings in an indoor potting shed, just next to a massive library of vintage recipe books. It’s like that.

HelloFresh Head Chef

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Do you remember a while ago when I showed you that amazing bangle I had that looked like a sparkly nail?? You should go back and have a look if you don’t remember. The company that makes said bangle – Infinity & Co – is back today with another competition.

Hoorah for sparkly things!

The competition is to celebrate their new range – LOVE X INFINITY. It’s a lovely collection of more affordable pieces, designed to be given as gifts. They have some really sweet bits and pieces, including this gorgeous jigsaw puzzle necklace and a wishbone bracelet, which are two of my favourites items in the range:

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Going on holiday can be an exciting time. However, there are 7 things you should consider to be sure your home will be safe and in order while you’re away. This includes checking the expiration dates on your food, cleaning up, caring for your plants and pets, turning off faucets, setting your alarm system, avoiding social media, and turning off all appliances.

 1. Throw expired or soon-to-be expired food in the trash.

Maybe you’ve gone shopping recently, or have food in your fridge freezer that might be expired when you come back from holiday. Before you leave, you might want to check the expiration date on your food. Meat, dairy, produce, and any other perishable foods are especially important. This will ensure that nothing spoils before you get back.

2. Clean up your home.

Imagine coming back from holiday and your home is full of rubbish. That’s not very refreshing, right? When you come back from holiday, you might want to unpack and relax. You don’t want to come home and have to clean up. This is why it’s good to clean your home before you leave.

It’s also been shown that clutter can greatly affect your focus. If you return from holiday and have to go to work the next day, you want to ensure your brain is ready for it. You are probably not going to want to come back to a lot of clutter and mess after going on a relaxing holiday. All of this can be prevented by cleaning beforehand.

3. Care for your plants and animals.

If you have a green thumb and have plants on the inside and outside of your home, be sure to water them. You can also give them plant food, depending on the type of plant. Check the weather to see if it will be cold while you’re away. This way you can bring in your plants so they don’t freeze. Also, be sure to put them in a window or other area where they will get enough sunlight.

You want to be sure your pets are fine while you are away too. Cats should be left with plenty of food and water. Consider asking a neighbour to come over and clean out their litter box. You also have the option of putting your pets in a kennel. Boarding your dog really isn’t as neglectful as many make out, and it can almost be like a mini vacation for them. There are also dog kennels who will train your dog whilst you’re away. 

Another option to consider would be pet sitters. Pet sitting facilities do not contain as many animals in close quarters. Plus, your dog would be able to enjoy more personalised attention and treatment to help them continue to flourish while you’re away.

4. Turn off faucets.

Check all faucets for leaks. This will ensure you don’t waste water while you’re away. It will also help to avoid flooding. All outside water hoses should also be checked.

5. Set your alarm system.

Many thefts occur when people are on holiday. In July of 2016, the UK Daily Mail reported that “a third of Brits have had their valuables stolen while on holiday…” It is extremely important to lock up all of your belongings before you leave. Any valuables like jewellery, money and electronics should be locked away in a safe place.

Also, set your home alarm (if you have one). There are inexpensive alarm systems available for £20 and up. All doors and windows should be locked. Consider leaving a spare key with a trusted friend or family member.

6. Avoid posting about holiday while you’re on it.

You’re on holiday having the time of your life, so why not post it on social media? The truth is you don’t want to advertise that you’re away, because it gives thieves the green light to steal your items. It is best to wait until you come home to post about your exciting time while on holiday.

7. Turn off and unplug appliances.

Turn off your stove, irons, hair appliances and microwave. The only appliance you want to be plugged in is the refrigerator. Check all outlets for cell phone and laptop chargers, because they are known to be “vampires” because they consume electricity even if your phone or computer is not plugged in. As a result, you will see an increase in your electricity bill.

Before vacating, ensure you have all of the above covered. You’ll thank us when you return to an organised home!


Mum's List DVDI had a bit of a moment last week.

I watched the trailer for Mum’s List, which is released on DVD today. I got about 40 seconds in before I had goosebumps all over and tears in my eyes. I actually just got goosebumps again then, typing that sentence.

I dare you to watch it now and not feel moved, knowing that it is based on a true story:

What did I tell you?!

If you really want to finish yourself off, (which is what I’ve just done), then have a read of this feature in the Guardian, which is all about the real life events that the film is based on. View Post


As you know from my top notch recent review of the Primark 90p lipstick, which I think we can agree was a blessing for everyone, I don’t have anything against Primark make-up generally. The 90p lipstick was actually pretty decent for under a quid. Plus I know that it isn’t just Primark who are doing this – it’s make-up brands everywhere.

But then I walked past Primark on my way to work this week and saw this advert for the Primark Insta Girl make-up range, and my hackles were instantly raised:

Primark Insta Girl make-up

(Quick question – what exactly is a hackle? Please find out and let me know.)

I hate the idea that we are bringing up a generation of young women who feel they need to be selfie ready at all, or, more to the point, that their own faces, as they are, are not good enough to be photographed.

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