Cimetière du Père Lachaise

Raphael, a 63 year old Parisian man, took my phone from my hand. ‘Go on,’ he said, waving me towards the grave of Victor Noir, a French journalist shot dead in 1870.

‘Rub him there – that’s right!’ he said, taking a series of photos. ‘Now you will have twins!’

No, that’s not a line from a novel, that’s my life.

I’m not sure how, for an afternoon at the end of November, it became my life, but it was quite good fun. View Post

A couple of weeks ago I went to Paris! Fancy. It was the same trip where I went to the cemetery, and that old Parisian man made me chase around after him through the graves.

I wasn’t in Paris though just to rub the crotch of a dead man, I was primarily there to attend the E-Fluent International Conference. The E-Fluent conference has been running for five years now and is essentially a way for bloggers and brands in France to get together and learn more about each other. It’s hosted by French magazine Parole de Mamans and this year the conference became international. Groups of bloggers from all over the world attended, including me!

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I am a DisneyLife Brand Ambassador and this post was created in partnership with DisneyLife, who have provided me with a free 12 month DisneyLife subscription. Read on for my five favourite Disney Christmas songs.

disney Christmas songs

It’s time for a quick Christmas quiz for you about me!

When it comes to Christmas songs, do I:

a) Prefer to wait until Christmas Eve to pop on a Bublé classics album at a moderate volume

b) Think it’s all a bit silly and prefer to sit quietly watching the Queen’s speech

c) Hum Jingle Bells to myself throughout the whole year and then insist on playing a Christmas playlist in the office from about mid-November.

If you didn’t answer ‘C’ then get out – you don’t know me at all. What are you even doing here? Have you not seen my hat? View Post

If ever was a post that proved that I am a woman not afraid to make a fool of herself in the name of money fun, then this is it.

Now probably there would be a few of you who wouldn’t fancy the idea of sharing videos of yourself dancing, but really, when you stop to think about it, why the hell not? What exactly are you thinking that people will see that they don’t see every day? Not keen on a close up of your bottom? I hate to tell you, but everyone can see your bottom all of the time. It’s just that it’s behind you, so you forget about it.

Embrace it! Flaunt that bum! Celebrate the fact that you’re alive and can dance around your living room should you want to.

Like this…

You’re welcome.

My incredibly accomplished dancing isn’t just for fun though, it’s to let you know about a competition from OVO Energy where you can win a custom onesie by sharing your own super cool dance moves. A onesie is just the thing for throwing some shapes at home over the winter. It doesn’t even matter if you’re a little bit shy – why not just take a little video of your feet getting jiggy? All you have to do to enter is to pop your clip on Instagram or with OVO Energy on Twitter and use the hashtag #ShakeItOVO.  View Post

Belle has been invited to a sleepover this weekend. She’s pretty excited about it. I’m excited too as it happens to be the night that Fiancé and I have tickets to see Reef at Glastonbury Town Hall, so that all fits together very nicely thank you very much.

Last night she gave me her friend’s mum’s phone number so I could text and check the details.

‘Hello!’ I text. ‘It’s Belle’s mum here! What time would you like me to drop Belle off? Does she need to bring anything? We have a roll out bed if that would be useful?’

Damn, I felt like such a grown up. I’ve never been in the position to offer a roll out bed before and I felt super fancy.

The bed in question is a Bundle Bed and we have had it for a few months now. It has been very useful, and we’ve used it quite a few times already for sleepovers and camping trips. It’s basically a whole bed that you can pop away into a handy roll. They do some really lovely colour combinations – we have this one:

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If you had said to me, a couple of weeks ago, ‘Beano Christmas gifts‘, I’d have said annuals.

That’s it isn’t it?

You know that big display in WHSmiths where you can always buy one get one free on annuals of stuff you’re not sure you’ve ever even heard of? (Seriously, what actually are Shopkins please?!)

This week though I’ve made a discovery. 

Beano now has so much more to offer than annuals!

In fact Beano has this whole online Beano shop full of really cool stuff, like Dennis the Menace t-shirts for men, spud guns, stationary, cards – all of the things. You can even buy comic subscriptions – they are currently offering 13 issues for just £17, with a free Beano beanie worth £13.99! That’s a pretty good deal.

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We often chat about what we’d do with our home if we owned it. Top of the list would be a new kitchen and bathroom. Our kitchen has that classic late 1990s orange pine vibe going on, and the bathroom… Well, the bathroom has more of a ‘windowless prison cell with peeling paint’ feel. You get used to it, but if it was ours it would definitely get a makeover.

I actually have a scrapbook of pictures that I have cut out of magazines. It’s like Pinterest, but in the good old days, when we used Pritt Stick. When I do own my own home, I will know exactly what I want. 

The key element for me is colour. 

After so many years of renting, and being stuck with white walls, I’d love the freedom to experiment with colour. This doesn’t necessarily mean painting all the walls in bright colours – it might be a bit more subtle than that – but just having the chance to add a bit of wallpaper or some colourful tiles would be lovely.

All of these tiles are available at Tile Mountain and I’d be happy to have any of these in my scrapbook:

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