Is your life sorted

Is your life sorted?

More to the point, what does it even mean to have your life sorted? According to research from Compare Cover, most people don’t feel like they have their life sorted until the age of 37. Well, I’m 38, so I should be all good by now shouldn’t I?

I suspect that I’m not your typical 38 year old though when it comes to life plans.

According to the Compare Cover research, a lot of people, when they think about having their life sorted, think about things like getting married and having a family. For the majority of people I imagine that these events normally come after stuff like building a satisfying career, feeling financially secure, finishing their A-levels… I’ve done life a bit backwards though, and it’s only now that my youngest child is on the brink of leaving home – (four years feels like a relative brink…) – that I’m almost in the position to do things like buy a house.


Compare Cover’s research, which included opinions from 2,000 people, found that top of the list in terms of feeling like your life is sorted, is having your finances in order. 78% of women picked this as their number one.  View Post


How good is the 90p Primark lipstick

I walked past Primark on my way to work this morning. In the window was a big poster, telling me about the Primark must have 90p lipstick. I didn’t have to be at work until 10.56am (I had one of those stupid ‘your parcel will arrive between 10.56am and 11.56am’ things), so I thought I’d do a bit of research on your behalf.

Primark 90p lipstick review

What I wanted to know is, how good really is a 90p lipstick from Primark?

First up, I should say that I am the least well qualified person in the world to write this post. I hardly ever wear make-up, and never wear lipstick. I did once buy a dark purple Mac lipstick, but when I put it on fiancé nearly cried. Belle said I looked sassy, but I think in reality it just drew attention to my teeth. View Post


food waste hacks

How do you feel when you throw away food? Is it a gut-wrenching, guilt-inducing event or do you not even notice? I tend to feel awful about waste in general, especially food waste. I’m forever going through the fridge, eating old bits of ham, just so as to make sure nothing goes in the bin.

Take last night for instance…

We are due a food shop, but I was loathe to buy new things when we had so many odd bits and pieces that needed using. I found a bagel which only had a tiny bit of mould on it, so I cut that off. There were four random, loose fish fingers in the freezer too – job done! Fish finger sandwich for Belle for tea.


(Don’t tell her about the mould.)

The fact is though that a shocking SEVEN MILLION TONNES of food waste is generated by UK households every year and we need to do whatever we can to reduce this, even if it does mean scraping off the odd bit of mould.

It’s interesting to think about the difference between my attitude to food waste and Belle’s. A new report from Sainsbury’s actually showed that a lot of the increase in food waste has to do with the change in attitudes between generations. Think about your parents or grandparents, living in the post war era. They wouldn’t have stocked the fridge with dozens of yogurts and raspberries, ‘just in case’, only to throw them away when they got to their use by dates would they? No way.

I haven’t lived in that era, but I have lived through times when money has been tight as a family, and I do attach value to food. Does Belle have that same awareness of the cost involved in producing, transporting, storing and consuming food? Probably not.

According to the Sainsbury’s report, which surveyed 5,000 people, the younger generations are much more likely to have a ‘live to eat’ attitude to food – with food as a pleasurable activity in itself. With this comes higher shopping bills and more food waste. Older generations however are more likely to ‘eat to live’ and have correspondingly lower grocery bills and less waste.

To try to tackle the food waste mountain in the UK, Sainsbury’s has invested £10million into its Waste less, Save more initiative, helping shoppers reduce the amount of food they waste at home. The Waste less, Save more initiative also aims to encourage families to pass down skills and knowledge from generation to generation, so that younger people are better equipped to keep food waste to a minimum.

In a bid then to help get your kids involved in reducing food waste, I’ve come up with 17 super cool food waste hacks designed not just to educate younger family members, but to show them that reducing food waste can actually be fun: View Post


films to watch on Valentine's Day

The most romantic day of the year is fast approaching and if you’d rather curl up on a day bed and order a take away this February 14th, you’ll want a good film lined up for after you’ve devoured each and every last poppadom crumb.

There really is nothing worse than spending hours trawling through Netflix in search of an appealing film and then failing. Either a) you can’t find something decent to watch or b) you start watching a film and realise it’s not your cup of tea. Well, I can save you precious time on Valentine’s Day with my personal film recommendations for a romantic night in. Here’s what made the cut: View Post


should you keep ketchup in the fridgeForget Brexit, forget Trump – the next big debate is apparently all about tomato ketchup. Specifically, whether or not you keep it in the fridge.

In a recent survey, the question of how to store tomato ketchup has proved to be a contentious one, with 53% of people opting for fridge storage and 47% of people just leaving their ketchup in the cupboard.

Let me just settle this debate once and for all – TOMATO KETCHUP SHOULD BE KEPT IN THE FRIDGE.

This may seem like an odd thing to get upset about, but I have very good reason.  View Post