Space saving solutions in a child’s bedroom


If there’s one thing that all homeowners will agree upon, it’s that there is never enough space in the home. And nowhere is this more evident than in a child’s bedroom!

Not only do you have an endlessly growing collection of toys, books and games, but even the children themselves can grow at surprising speeds. So here’s a look at how we can implement everything from bunk beds to some innovative shelving units in a bid to keep our children’s bedrooms clutter-free!

Most of us will have attempted to try and balance endless amounts of toys on bookshelves, but there comes a time when we have to get a little more serious. Some of these modular storage ideas are fantastic as you can stack them up in a way that’s space-saving and it also looks great too.

Of course, you’ll have to make sure that you don’t stack these storage units too high. But by keeping stackable plastic boxes in the corner of a room, you should be able to stop any nasty accidents from happening.

Sometimes we’ll just have to be a little inventive in our space-saving ideas. Whether it’s building high with some bookshelves for those schoolbooks, or even getting a nice pegboard as a way to store smaller items, there are many places where we can make a little extra space.

As a child’s bed often takes up a large percentage of their room, it can be beneficial to see how this could be used as a space-saving device. Whether it’s using the base of a divan bed to store winter clothes, or even seeing how one of the bunk beds at Bedstar can accommodate any extra siblings who may be on their way, it’s amazing how a bed can solve many space issues.

In fact there are plenty of examples of multifunctional furniture that can do a good job of saving space. From chairs that have a handy place underneath to store books, to tables that have toy storage included, we just have to be a little creative sometimes.

And if all else fails, then we’ll just have to make a display out of our child’s extra belongings. And whether that’s using crates on walls to display toys, or having a chic wire hanger for all of their clothes, it shows that it’s not just bunk beds that can save some serious space in our children’s bedrooms.

 Images – Raihana AsralYuganov Konstantin and MNStudio from shutterstock.


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