How coloured windows can transform your home

You may be slightly aware that I love coloured doors. I may have mentioned it a couple of times on Instagram. Possibly.

The only real way to improve on a coloured door in my opinion is to have some beautiful matching window frames to go with it. Changing up your window frame colour really helps you stand out from the crowd – how many times have you looked up at a house with plain old white plastic window frames and said ‘wow, that house is breath taking?’ Probably not that often.

When fiancé and I go out for our little weekend drives around Somerset, on the look our for village churches, we’ll often spot pretty window frames in a classic olive colour, or sometimes a bright yellow, and it always feels like these frames are just what really makes these houses, whether they’re little and quaint or big grand old estates. I think being able to look at my own house and say ‘yeah, my door looks great, and look, my window frames match it’ is a life goal that’s pretty high up there.

I even made a Pinterest board of pretty coloured windows, because there are so many nice ones and obviously if you were looking for coloured window frame inspo, Pinterest would be the best place to start. 

I think if I had a little house I would go for more of a bright blue or pink, to reflect my own look – a bit mismatch but always cheerfully presented. If I had a really huge old house (on the off chance that I mysteriously win the lottery without even playing) I would definitely go for an understated cream colour or some kind of pastel green –  maybe the Chartwell Green that G2S make? – to emphasise the fact that yes, I am very posh, and not only do I have a posh house but my window frames are also a posh colour.

What colour window frames would you have on your current house or your dream one?

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