Conservatory goals – replacing a conservatory roof

If you’re thinking of upgrading your whole conservatory, you may not need to. Just upgrading the roof can breathe new life into an existing conservatory at a fraction of the cost.

You may know that while I don’t actually own a conservatory per say, one of my aspirational life goals is to own my own house so that I can get a killer conservatory at the back, like a proper grown up. It’s not the owning the house part that’s aspirational, it’s the conservatory obviously. This being said, I often like to window shop (ha, get it?) for conservatories online and see which one I would like to get if I was able to. I’ve therefore become somewhat of a conservatory connoisseur. I’ve even set up a #conservatorygoals Pinterest board.

Okay, so back to my conservatory roof knowledge. There are so many things to think about when you want to give your conservatory a little upgrade. You definitely don’t need to redo the whole thing to get a completely new look. Emerald believes that the roof is really the finishing piece that pulls your whole conservatory together, and I can’t help but agree. You’ve really got to think about the roof you want to make your #conservatorygoals happen.

Replacement conservatory roofs don’t have to be dull. One option is to replace your panelled roof with a cheeky tiled version. This creates the orangery affect without having to spend all the money on getting a real orangery. It can give your conservatory a total new lease of life and is easier to look after and totally energy efficient. This is a great choice if you don’t like too much heat in your conservatory and still want a cosy place to sit in the autumn months.

If you want to total open up and lighten your space for summer, glass windows are perfect for this as they balance light entry which means they keep the heat in in the winter and the heat out when it’s way too hot for those two days of the English summer. Glass roofs also are less noisy when the rain hits them than standard plastic panels, so they’re really a great choice for all weather.

I’m still in two minds about which kind of conservatory roof I would upgrade to. Have a look at Emerald’s conservatory gallery and let me know which one is your fave.

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