How to cut down on the costs of running a family car

Nowadays, owning a car is an expensive essential for many families. They rely on it to drop the kids off at school, to commute, to visit family, and to shop. However petrol prices are at an all-time high, and wear and tear on your family vehicle can leave a giant car shaped hole in your pocket. If you’re looking for some ways to reduce the costs without trading your vehicle in for a bicycle then below are some handy tips and tricks.

Car shares

Thanks to environmental and cost concerns, car sharing has taken off in the last few years. Even if the commute is short, the price of petrol and maintenance will soon add up, so sharing the school run or your work commute is a great way to save on cash. You can find fellow commuters on multiple car share websites, and pairing up with another family for the school run might save you a bit of time in the mornings too!

Plan long journeys

Unforeseen road delays and wrong turns can up the cost of a car journey considerably. Today’s advanced GPS systems don’t always cut it, and sometimes there is no substitute for preparation. Planning where the toilet breaks will be is a great idea if you want a smooth trip. This way you don’t end up getting lost or turning back for any emergency toilet breaks.

Don’t overpack

The heavier the vehicle, the more fuel is needed to move it. Camping trips, activities and family days out will often mean carting around a whole lot of extra weight. Be careful not to overpack, and take only necessities.

Keep to the limit

We’re not just talking speed cameras or speed tickets here, although they will contribute considerably to the cost of your automobile. Use less fuel by sticking to the speed limit, especially on roads where it’s tempting to speed, like motorways. You may take a little longer to reach your destination, but you will be saving those pennies and pounds in the long run.

Streamline your car

If it’s not needed, remove the roof or bike rack before the journey. The awkward shape and extra weight will mean the engine has to work a little harder. Keeping your windows closed on a speedy road will also make the vehicle more aerodynamic, as the air rushing into the back of the car creates a resistance.

If you still find your car guzzling more fuel than you can manage then it might be time to check out a car comparison site and trade the car in for more efficient model.

car comparison

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