Review XNSPY: When your kids give you lemons, sell them, and get the best iPhone spy software

00001We hear terms like parenting blues, teenage whining, digital safety, and teen promiscuity quite often these days, but very few parents are actually able to interpret the purpose of this supposedly awkward jargon. So today, let’s talk about all the parenting dilemmas once and for all, conspicuously removing any doubts that we have in our minds about our child’s online safety. We will also be discussing what smartphone monitoring is all about and whether you should be using this app XNSPY on your kids’ cell phones.

The Problem: Cell Phone Abuse


So what’s wrong with our kids? Why are they so eager to give us lemons? Rather than being thankful that we got them a new smartphone, they are backfiring by inappropriately posting on social media, and by obsessively using their phones day and night. They don’t want us to be intruding their “digital privacy”, nor do they want us to follow them on their social media profiles. What is this all about? It never seems all right if someone keeps things from you in the name of privacy, especially if you are a parent.

The real fact is that when you handover your kids any digital device without taking precautions, its abuse is inevitable. And sometimes they are guilty, and sometimes they are just conduits of other people’s sinister online agendas.

What’s XNSPY and how it can help parents?


XNSpy could be the answer to all those privacy debates that your children like to do with you. Being a parent, your child’s safety is your foremost concern, even if it’s at the cost of intruding their privacy (I know parents will be having mixed views about this). So it’s all right if you time and again try to look into your child’s smartphone activity, because almost every online and offline risk that your kids face these days emanate from a digital device that’s under their use.

Cyberbullying, online predating, pornography, and oversharing, are just a few of the dozen other online issues and internet and portable devices only act as a catalysts.

XNSPY can monitor, manage and even control your child’s cell phone and tablet activity. The app needs to be installed on the cell phone that you want to monitor. So either you can stay discrete and secretively load this app on their phones, or you can sit and talk to them about a consensual monitoring agreement.

A great parenting hack is to write down a smartphone contract with your child when they are provided with their first cell phone or tablet. At that time, they are eager to own a cell phone, and would do anything to get it, even if that requires them to have a monitoring app watching over their activity 24/7.

Well, it solely depends on how you want to monitor your kids’ cell phone activity, but once you will have XNSPY on their cell phone, this is what you will be able to do then.


Using XNSPY, you can closely watch over your kids’ cell phone activity, which is actually a good thing if you are doing it the right way, but before I tell you what do I mean by that, have a look at some of the smartphone monitoring features of this app.

  • Social media monitoring

What kind of parents wouldn’t want to know about the kind of stuff their kids are posting on their social media profiles? The ones who are completely unaware of the online risks lurking around their kids’ iPhone and iPads.

Having the best iPhone spy software isn’t the only way to track your children’s online activity. As a parent, you should focus on building a relationship with your child. Tell them to add you on their Facebook and Snapchat profiles, follow them on Instagram, participate in a conversation on their tweets. But if all this doesn’t work out, try using XNSPY’s social media monitoring feature that can spy on your kids’ WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Viber, Line, Skype, iMessage, Kik and Tinder. As a last resort, XNSPY can really turn out handy.

  • Phone logs tracking

With XNSPY, you can get to know of your child’s favorite people on their contacts list. You can view the logs of incoming, outgoing and missed calls, read SMS and emails, access calendar entries or internet browsing history. The app really is quite an all-rounder.

  • Location Tracking

If your heart throbs every time your child gets out of the house, you are really should start using XNSPY’s GPS tracking services that can track your child’s location in real-time. And if you want to check their entire day’s activity, use the location history logs.

00006What’s the right way to use cell phone spying apps

Monitoring your child’s cell phone activity is largely different from monitoring your employees or other people. Using the best iPhone spy software won’t win you an accolade, but in fact, it’s the right parenting practises that can win over your child’s heart. Here are a few tips to keep in mind before we move onto the pricing of this app.

  • Put your trust in consensual monitoring

As aforementioned, informing your child beforehand about monitoring is much better over secretively spying on their phones. However, kids won’t acquiesce to the idea of monitoring, unless there is some collateral. So if it’s your child’s first cell phone, you can easily set precondition of monitoring and they will be happy to accept it.

  • Don’t use remote commands

Unless your child knows that they are being monitored, don’t use the remote commands because it will just be a matter of time before your tech-savvy kids will identify the anomalous behavior of their smartphone. They may never know about being spied, but they will surely reset their phone (which will delete XNSPY off it). Using XNSPY, you can lock a cell phone, wipe data and even take a screenshot.


If you have tried the normal parenting hacks, maybe it’s time for you give the best iPhone spy software a try. XNSPY’s packages are available from $8.33/month which makes it an affordable solution to monitor your kids’ digital activity.


Using XNSPY or any other spying software on your child’s cell phone calls for a lot of caution. Take all the factors discussed above into consideration before making a decision.

Happy parenting!

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  1. Laura
    13 February, 2017 / 8:03 am

    That’s vital. I tell teenagers to imagine that anything they upload, text or share on social media will be seen by their grandmother. If they don’t like that idea, then don’t share it, text it or upload it. cool, but if i can’t loggin, whatever for instagram i used once

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