Make Your Children Smile: Why Dental Insurance is Important for Families

It might be easy for you to form the opinion that dental insurance just isn’t worth the hassle and you might think that you could manage without it if an unexpected dental bill comes your way.

There are are different types of dental insurance, such as, which could definitely prove worthwhile and might potentially save you some money in the long run, especially if you have children.

A lifetime of dental problems

It might sound like scaremongering to suggest that your children could face a lifetime of dental problems if they don’t get the right treatment for certain problems at the right time, but there are numerous oral health problems that kids can suffer from, which could get expensive and set them up for problems in adulthood when they are not resolved or corrected.

Right from the onset, your child could face a problem with something like baby bottle tooth decay. You might also find this problem referred to as nursing bottle syndrome, but the issue is the same, which is the decay caused by your baby’s teeth coming into regular contact with sugars from drinks in their feeding bottle.

If the bacteria from decay is allowed to progress, it can cause pain and crucially, your child’s adult teeth might not be able to find their proper position, leading to misalignment and overcrowding.

The problem with thumb sucking

Thumb sucking is a form of comfort and a perfectly normal behavior in early childhood, but unless they break the habit before they reach their fifth birthday, there is a good chance that subsequent dental problems could occur.

Some kids who suck their thumb on a regular basis, can experience problems with their speech and their upper and lower jaws can become misaligned.

Premature tooth loss

If your child is unfortunate to suffer premature tooth loss as a result of tooth decay or possibly down to an injury or simply a lack of space, this can create further problems down the road as their adult teeth start to come through.

To correct this problem and to prepare for the permanent teeth to come through in just the right way, dental work in the form of a space maintainer may be needed.

These are just a few examples of the sort of typical problems that children can experience with their teeth. As you might expect, some of these procedures could very easily become quite expensive, especially when the treatment period is a prolonged one.

Covering your costs

A prolonged period of treatment and ongoing checks are going to add up to create a dental bill that you might decide that you need a bit of help with, which is where the idea of dental insurance comes into play.

What you have to weigh up is whether you think that your dental insurance premiums will work out to be more expensive over time than paying for your dental work and routine checkups and cleaning sessions, as you go.

That can be a difficult question to answer with any degree of accuracy, as you are never going to be completely sure of what family dental problems you might have to contend with over the years to come.

There is probably a bit of risk attached to either side of the argument. You could end up paying premiums every year without having any particular problems that you need to claim for, or alternatively, you or one of your children could encounter some complicated and expensive dental issues, where you will be very glad that you had insurance cover in place for.

Different levels of coverage

Any form of insurance tends to be offered at varying levels of cover, from basic to comprehensive, and dental plans are no different in that respect, so you should be able to pick a plan that matches your financial expectations but gives you the peace of mind that you are seeking.

A typical dental insurance plan will probably provide coverage for routine preventative and diagnostic care that you need, which would encompass checkups and cleaning too. You will then find that procedures like fillings and root canal work will be covered to a certain extent, with an excess premium that you will have to pay yourself, depending on the level of cover that you have signed up for.

You will no doubt want your children to enjoy a healthy smile that they can carry on into their adult life, so it might pay to consider covering most common eventualities that could prevent that happening, by considering a dental insurance plan.

Jay Taylor works as a dental technician and has experience in general dentistry too. He writes about oral health and dental topics for a selection of blogs. In his spare time he enjoys gardening and playing the piano.

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