Competition – win P&G Everyday Effect essentials

Bee left for university on Saturday.

*sobs quietly, so as not to draw attention to self*

You’d think a bit of a sob would be natural, but I was surprised to learn from a recent survey by P&G that only 75% of mums experience some sort of sadness at their kids leaving home. That’s a whole quarter of them who are dumping them at halls and basically cracking open the gin in the car and whooping all the way home.

Perhaps more shocking though was that 45% of under-35s admitting they had never bought a toothbrush, toothpaste or shampoo before leaving home. What are parents teaching their kids nowadays?? Bonkers.

Leaving home is a big step, but little deeds can make the difference, such as teaching your children how to cook or do their own washing. Even something as simple as showing them what products you use can ease the transition, with a quarter of children who use the same products as their parents saying they do so because reminds them of being at home.

P&G thinks that by doing ordinary things, we can make a difference to our own and the lives of those around us.  P&G calls the impact of these seemingly ordinary moments the “Everyday Effect”.

To celebrate this Everyday Effect, I have a bundle of P&G goodies to give away. If you don’t have children leaving home you can still make use of them yourself, or maybe even get your younger kids involved in the housework now to make things easier for them in later life.

Here’s what you can win:

Everyday essentials

The competition will close on 30 September and you can enter using any or all of the mechanisms below – the more you do the better your chances. Good luck!

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259 comments on “Competition – win P&G Everyday Effect essentials

  1. Julie Cook

    Washing liquid for clothes and washing up liquid x

  2. iain maciver says:

    my microfiber cloths

  3. Sarah says:

    I’d love to win this! My daughter isn’t even two yet but we get her involved in the household chores (in a fun way of course!). Her favourite thing to do is sort out the dirty washing into piles!

  4. Galina V says:

    A Dettol sanitiser liquid (lavender), smells good and gets rid of all the germs in the bathroom.
    Galina V recently posted…Tilda Kids Kitchen: a cooking session with Dhruv BakerMy Profile

  5. Sarah says:

    Oops, posted too soon! So the essential we couldn’t live without is washing powder for clothes!

  6. Tracey Peach says:

    Toilet cleaner I mean just imagin it Yuc!

  7. Laura says:

    I couldn’t live without method lavender kitchen cleaner! It brightens the worktops and also leaves a lovely smell!

  8. Claire Smith says:

    Fabric Conditioner

  9. Liane says:

    Washing up liquid

  10. sophie spiby says:

    Washing Liquid

  11. Joanne Mapp says:

    Disinfectant. With three pets, I find myself constantly cleaning.

  12. claire griffiths says:

    washing liquid for clothes and antibacterial cleaner :)

  13. leanne williams says:

    Washing liquid for clothes and washing up liquid x

  14. KIRAN CHANNA says:


  15. Lucy Robinson says:

    Hand wash. Can’t believe kids can get so mucky. X

  16. Hannah Oneill says:

    Washing up liquid

  17. Erika Holt says:

    My choice would be rather unusual I think. Fly Spray. I am absolutely terrified of flies and they know it. They dive bomb at me! I swear they have a little head quarters set up somewhere, with a map of my house on an easel, their Chief fly pointing out the best plan of attack.

    Sorry – Fly Spray.

  18. Patricia Walker says:

    I couldn’t live without my microfibre cloths and things like laundry products…I’m an absolute neat freak so a clean home that is as chemical free as possible is essential to me

  19. Karen Whittaker says:


  20. kim plant says:

    washing up gloves x

  21. Washing powder, we go through so much of it with a very busy 13 month old son.
    Robyn Logan Clarke recently posted…Built to lastMy Profile

  22. melanie stirling says:

    Washing powder and fabric softener,I can’t do without the softener!

  23. Mandy Waller

    Air freshner :)

  24. Nikki Hayes says:

    Flash with Bleach spray, Fairy washing up liquid and Sainsburys Antibacterial Surface Wipes ;o)

  25. My Astonish cleaner! (I cried buckets when my Megan left for uni!)
    Inside the Wendy House recently posted…Money Saving Personalised Photo Products and the Chance to Win Prizes!My Profile

  26. Gemma says:

    We get through so much washing powder and softening. And toilet wipes.

  27. Andrew Halliwell says:

    Fairy liquid. They say it lasts a long time… but the way I use it, they vastly underestimated… One bottle can last me a year. (instead of putting it in the water, I put a little squirt on the pad

  28. Sharon Griffin

    washing liquitabs and antibacterial wipes


    white vinegar, great for so many jobs!

  30. Paul Wilson says:

    Floor cleaning disinfectant.

  31. Emily Hutchinson says:

    Cleaning wipes, I use them for all sorts of jobs.

  32. Hayley (Larley Haylar) says:


  33. Polly

    I’d be lost without washing liquid – the five of us make a crazy amount of laundry!
    Polly recently posted…Making lunch times funMy Profile

  34. Dorothee77 says:

    Bleach for the toilets!

  35. hannonle says:

    Cillit bang lime and grime because I live in a hard water area and this is the best thing for cleaning the bathroom.

  36. Hannah Ellis says:

    Anti bacs spray, its perfect for everywhere!

  37. Bathroom spray & Polish :-)
    Angela Webster recently posted…Webster’s Week In Review 2.9.13-8.9.13My Profile

  38. ANNETTE U says:

    perfect for me being a clean freak

  39. melanie allen

    my washing powder, ive used it on the washing and to clean my dishwasher and clean my oven with it. lol

  40. David Vessey says:

    Kitchen roll!

  41. Holly Smith says:

    Dishwasher tablets! because my dishwasher saves me ALOT of time!

  42. Em S says:

    Fairy liquid!

  43. Isobel Gibbons says:

    white vinegar an oldy but a goody

  44. Jayne T says:

    Bleach, washing powder and dishwasher tablets.
    Jayne T recently posted…It’s a bloggers slimming club.My Profile

  45. Hazel Rea says:

    I couldn’t do without washing up liquid. Most importantly I couldn’t do without rubber gloves – I’d have no skin left on my hands if I didn’t wear them!

  46. Lynne OConnor

    A good quality all-purpose spray and liquid washing detergent

  47. Tracy Nixon

    I have a cupboard full because I suffer from OCD and everything has to be spotless!

  48. Laura H says:

    Bleach for the toilet and general cleaning. Gross otherwise!

  49. Karen Barrett says:

    Fairy washing up liquid

  50. Val Hartley says:

    Washing up liquid.

  51. olivia kirby says:

    Ironing water

  52. Gemma Snell

    Antibacterial spray

  53. Tracey Belcher


  54. Adeinne Tonner says:

    I would have to say washing up liquid

  55. yolanda davis says:

    antibacterial spray; its great for all over n leaves me confident my surfaces are germ free

  56. Dawn Costen says:

    I couldn’t live without my limescale remover! We live in a very hard water area and it is a constant battle to keep the taps, sinks and basins shiny so yeah that is one thing that I really couldn’t live without!

  57. kelly says:

    Antibac spray! definitely :)

  58. Claire Bodin says:

    Air fresher

  59. anthony harrington says:

    anti-bacterial wipes, we get through loads of these

  60. Katie Evans says:

    I couldn’t live without anti bac kitchen wipes, the invention of these bad boys has improved my life :)

  61. Vivien Baird says:

    I could not do without bleach!

  62. Mary Heald says:

    oven cleaner

  63. Mary Chez

    I couldn’t do without bleach

  64. Ashley Horton says:

    bleach and disposable cloths

  65. Kim Hayton says:

    Laundry Detergent, I get through a ridiculous amount of washing with my 2 boys x

  66. Kristy Brown

    Bleach – I couldn’t live without it!

  67. Debbie Godbolt says:

    new ariel 3 in 1 pods and ironing water

  68. Mrs JENNY MILLER says:

    Microfibre cloths.

  69. Christina Curtis says:


  70. Sara Davis says:

    kitchen roll

  71. lornakennedy says:

    washing liquid it good for most things x

  72. Debbie Gillespie says:

    Washing up liquid

  73. I Petrovic says:

    Can’t live without washing liquid and detergent!

  74. Emily Jayne Phipps says:

    Anti bacterial wipes!

  75. Elzbieta Kozak says:

    great prize!

  76. Washing detergent. Have 3 kids (4 if you include my hubby!) always plenty of dirty washing in our house :-(
    Alison Macdonald recently posted…Competition – win P&G Everyday Effect essentialsMy Profile

  77. Louise says:

    bleach! though i love antibac wipes too…
    Louise recently posted…Silent Sunday 08/09/13My Profile

  78. Christine Lockley

    I couldnt live without “Stardrops” – amazing all in one cleaner and last so long

  79. Cheryl Edwards says:


  80. Hayley says:

    all purpose cleaner!

  81. Susan says:

    Anti-bacterial spray with a house full of kids/pets

  82. Val Pownall

    Antibacterial spray – we get through gallons of it! :)

  83. Claire says:

    Love the bleach – 100% assured clean :)

  84. Ali Thorpe says:

    Multi-surface cleaner as it’s so handy!

  85. Jill Webb says:

    Bleach it cleans everything

  86. kelly harper says:

    washing up liquid

  87. Emily says:

    Washing powder, it feels like my washing machine is never off!

  88. katie skeoch says:

    Mr Sheen glass cleaner, it makes everything shiny xx

  89. Louise says:

    Flash wipes
    Louise recently posted…Photobox ReviewMy Profile

  90. Tracy Newton says:

    Flash bathroom cleaner. You would think that we worked down the pit if you saw the state of our bathroom after my lot had been in it.

  91. conrad edwards says:

    a scouring pad is good, but even better are those that don’t scratch pans..or is it just my cooking?

  92. Aneesah says:

    Fairy washing up liquid

  93. Margaret says:


  94. helen says:

    Washing up liquid

  95. Sally Poole says:

    Zoflora. I love it

  96. laura banks says:

    toilet cleaner

  97. sarah birkett says:

    vinegar – great for cleaning glass

  98. Diane T says:

    I just love Aldi cleaning wipes use them for everything

  99. Emma T

    Multipurpose wipes. Doesn’t matter what sort – they’re so quick and easy and hygienic
    Emma T recently posted…Book Review: Underpants WonderpantsMy Profile

  100. matthew collins says:

    Soap – we seem to go through it for fun!

  101. Anne Wallwin says:


  102. tracy edwards says:

    has to be baby wipes use them to clean everything including the children.

  103. Scott Holloway says:


  104. Louise Reeks says:


  105. angela sandhu says:

    washing up liquid

  106. Ema J Lowe says:

    My pre wash stain spray.

  107. Tricia Cowell says:

    Spray bleach cleaner

  108. Rosalind Blight

    Washing powder for clothes

  109. Caroline H says:

    All purpose cleaner spray cleaner with a nice fresh smell – I use it for everything from kitchen surfaces to floors to bookshelves, tables, window sills, pretty much everything!

  110. Rachael G says:

    Method wood floor cleaner (smells AMAZING!), Zoflora or similar and fairy liquid.

  111. jennifer thorpe says:

    multi surface spray

  112. claire woods says:

    Kitchen roll

  113. Maria Turner says:

    Laundry gel, washing up liquid, multisurface cleaner and wipes, kitchen roll and bleach

  114. Martina Pichova says:

    washing powder

  115. Mel Daniels says:

    All-purpose anti-bacterial cleaning wipes – they do everything (nearly)!

  116. Kiya Parker says:

    Vanish carpet stain remover for my cream carpet and bleach for the toilet! x

  117. Fiona Timms says:

    bleach and rubber gloves to get all the cat hair off!

  118. Belinda1136 says:

    antibacterial spray

  119. Katie Walters says:

    Couldn’t live without bleach

  120. Chris Jonesy Jones says:

    I can’t live without my toilet duck, have a big household and it needs cleaning all the time, gotta love a clean toilet.

  121. Carrie Ashton says:

    Fairy Washing Up liquid – especially as the only dishwasher we have in our house is me lol.

  122. emma says:

    anti-bacterial wipes – brilliant!

  123. Eileen Teo says:

    i love anti bacterial wipes!
    Eileen Teo recently posted…Is your child eating too much salt for breakfast?My Profile

  124. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    Fabric Conditioner to keep everything lovely and soft

  125. Karolyn Holden

    Fabric conditioner ,and anti -bacterial kitchen spray

  126. Katherine L says:

    Can’t live without Fairy liquid! It’s simply the best!

  127. Rey says:

    I’d have to go with antibacterial wipes. I use them for everything

  128. Lu says:

    Bleach – can be used for everything in different solutions

  129. Helen Francis says:

    Antibacterial surface spray x

  130. Vaseline – I use it for everything, from dry skin to greasing sticky taps, brightening up dull shoes and chapped lips. Every home needs a tub!

  131. Lisa Collins says:

    Antibacterial wipes, they are a godsend with a toddler getting everywhere!

  132. NIKKI PELLOW says:

    Has to be bleach, it smells clean and is clean!

  133. Kitchen Roll. Having a three year old & a clumsy oaf of a husband, we get through mountains of the stuff!
    Lorraine/Squeaky Mom recently posted…Oloves Olives ReviewMy Profile

  134. yasmine choudhry says:

    washing liquid and detergent,bleach, antibacterial cleaning products

  135. Chris Davies says:

    My anti-bacterial surface cleaner!

  136. Rebecca Maddocks says:


  137. Stephanie Whitehouse

    Astonish paste – it’s amazing

  138. Georgina Ball says:


  139. Christina Brown says:

    Multipurpose cleaners for my wood floor, surfaces, windows etc- very useful!

  140. Annie Costa says:

    Can’t live without my sponge scourer!

  141. Lisa Gillies says:

    Oh yes, all of these would be useful in my home & I’d love the book too :)
    Lisa Gillies recently posted…Silent SundayMy Profile

  142. Tammy Tudor says:

    Air fresheners :) i love the air constantly spelling nice

  143. Laura Pritchard

    Dettol – it gets used for everything!

  144. Washing powder…… we do alot of washing in our house as my OH is a smelly butcher!
    Lianne Turton recently posted…Back to School with TescoMy Profile

  145. Isabell Whitenstall says:

    Bathroom wipes to keep the taps sparkling

  146. Sarah

    Fabric conditioner! I couldn’t live without soft fluffy towels :-)

  147. Rennene Hartland says:

    Has to be fabric conditioner for me

  148. Kirsty Fox


  149. Lexy Law says:

    Washing powder, I have 3 very dirty clothes producing kids!

  150. Nicola Reynolds says:

    Hand soap, washing up liquid and wash powder

  151. Jessica Powell says:

    Soap, brillo, and bleach!

  152. Zoe Lester says:

    All of it as I have a bit of OCD, but definitely couldn’t live without washing tablets and dishwasher tablets. Always need clean clothes and plates.
    Zoe Lester recently posted…Vital Baby Travel Kit ReviewMy Profile

  153. paul stead says:


  154. Jo Booth says:

    Mine would be washing powder, the machine is always on :-)

  155. Angie Hoggett says:

    good old bleach!

  156. Sarah Benn says:

    Disinfectant and furniture polish

  157. Helen says:

    I couldn’t live without Dettol; it is so versatile and I love the smell!

  158. Jean Vaughan says:

    I’m afraid my list is quite long- I couldn’t do without Bleach, bicarb,vinegar, anti bacterial wipes, washing capsules, washing up liquid and muti-purpose Fl;ash(lemon for the fragrance)

  159. Tracy says:

    I’m dreading the day my daughter decides to leave for uni or whatever path she chooses. I stayed at home when I went to uni as I couldn’t leave my mum as much as she didn’t want me to go.

  160. Mel Briscoe says:


  161. Angela Kelly

    Antibacterial wipes

  162. Judith Luscombe says:

    Fairy liquid, bleach and dettol

  163. Danielle Graves says:

    Laundry products – any of them, love them, have a habit of stock piling them.

  164. Julie Davies says:

    Anti bacterial wipes, so handy

  165. Tina Holmes says:

    Bleach lol

  166. Stacey Carnell says:

    Fairy washing up liquid! :)

  167. Susan Hall says:

    White vinegar

  168. Cheryll H says:

    Love Zoflora <3

  169. Hilda Hazel Wright says:

    Anti bacterial washing up liquid generally sorts alot of things. I don’t tend to buy lots of cleaning products, just the basics.

  170. Vicki g says:

    Anti bacterial wipes for cleaning the high hair and table after every meal

  171. Mickie Bull says:

    Jay cloths and Kitchen roll

  172. Darius Dragasius says:

    Air frehener

  173. natalja p. says:

    Fabric Conditioner

  174. Joanne Welsh says:

    Soap powder and fabric softerner

  175. Pat Stubbs says:

    Kitchen cleaner with bleach

  176. Amy Ripley says:

    Fabric Softener!

  177. Tabby says:

    Our family couldn’t manage without moist toilet tissues. I don’t know how we managed before they were invented!lol

  178. Tom Baines says:

    kitchen spray with bleach…addicted

  179. shay noble says:

    washing-up liquid x

  180. Catherine Amaro says:


  181. rebecca says:

    Washing up liquid of course!

  182. Melanie C says:

    Ariel Excel Gel – it’s the only thing that cleans Mr M’s grubby work clothes! x
    Melanie C recently posted…Big Night In – The Madhatter’s G&T PartyMy Profile

  183. tony allan says:

    washing liquid

  184. Emma H says:

    Washing Powder

  185. Esme McCrubb says:

    my cig cleaning liquid

  186. Mark Rayner says:

    Wasing up liquid

  187. Solange says:

    Washing up liquid

  188. Helen says:

    Dustpan & brush, soap, washing up liquid

  189. Diane Carey

    Stardrops, use it for lots of things

  190. linda curtis says:

    washing powder/liquid as i do at least 2 washes a day i gont know how i would manage without it

  191. Jean Bolsover says:

    Washing up liquid, it can be used for so many different things

  192. Diana says:

    Washing up liquid! :}

  193. Ann Weir says:

    washing up liquid and washing powder!

  194. Sheila Reeves says:

    Washing powder

  195. elisa wright says:

    Washing up liquid, not only does it do dishes in emergencies it can be used as soap, bubble bath, shampoo, surface cleaner etc!

  196. washing up liquid!
    Rebecca Phillips recently posted…Ella’s Kitchen My Little Big Meals ReviewMy Profile

  197. Mrs S W Lee says:

    I couldn’t live without my anti-bacterial no-rinse kitchen spray!

  198. claire wilkinson says:


  199. paulapants says:

    I’m not sure I could live without any cleaning products, I have a little bit of an obsession! In fact I even have back up so I don’t run out :-/

  200. Katie K says:

    White vinegar – so versatile.

  201. Saran Benjamin says:

    Washing Powder :0)

  202. lorraine polley says:

    i can live without Harpic power plus, the limescale builds up really quickly in the toilet and this is amazing for removingit

  203. Libby Alexander says:

    I know it sounds weird but – white vinegar. Nothing else gets my windows smear free and it stops me getting up and down, wiping them every time the sun shines on them. Helps my OCD and saves me time. :)

  204. felicity morris says:

    garlic press

  205. Catherine Rolfe says:

    Anti bacterial wipes

  206. Kelly Hooper says:

    hygienic wipes

  207. Janice Mackin

    Washing up liquid, it can be used for lots of things.

  208. Karen R says:

    Surface cleaner – it’s how I claim my kitchen back when others have messed it up completely :)

  209. Mark Palmer says:


  210. Caroline Anne Bellamy says:

    anti-bac wipes – I use them everywhere

  211. Maggie Coates


  212. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    Bleach, washing-up liquid, glass cleaner.

  213. CHRIS ANDREWS says:

    …………washing up liquid

  214. donna clinton

    I could not live without my washing powder,my kids clothes get so dirty it is untrue,i can not even imagine scrubbing clothes and not using washing powder!

  215. Rachel B says:

    bleach. I use so much of it for everything.

  216. Alison says:

    Washing powder
    Alison recently posted…Happify Your LifeMy Profile

  217. Nick Hopkins says:

    The washing powder

  218. Lani Nash says:

    Washing up liquid and detergent

  219. Joanne says:

    Fairy washing up liquid

  220. ClairejB says:

    Kitchen towel – for all kinds of spillages! :)

  221. Jane Middleton says:

    washing up liquid

  222. cathyj

    fabric condition

  223. Philip Thomas Boyle says:

    Bio washing powder.

  224. hannah says:

    Fairy Washing up liquid is my staple for everything – no matter what it is it always gets it clean!

  225. Ellen Stafford

    Washing up liquid

  226. Joanna Sawka says:

    kitchen rolls

  227. Has to be wash powder – non bio though!
    Stephanie Mamo recently posted…Minecraft Creeper PorridgeMy Profile

  228. Hazel Rush says:

    Surface wipes !

  229. White vinegar is a must in this house!

  230. Emma Lewis says:

    Washing up liquid, furniture polish and washing detergent.

  231. Michelle Kinsey says:

    Antibacterial multi-surface cleaner! With a little boy who’s sticky fingers get everywhere, this is a must x

  232. denise s says:

    washing liquid for dirty clothes i think i must be chained to it with 2 teenage boys in the house!

  233. Sonia Vegas says:

    It’s shake and vac for me. I sprinkle it over carpets and upholstery and leave to soak up the sweet scent before hoovering.

  234. Phyllis Ellett says:

    Washing up liquid

  235. Emma Howard says:

    Baby wipes – I use them for everything!

  236. Lynn Savage says:

    kitchen roll and fairy liquid

  237. Natalie Crossan says:

    Baby wipes! They clean most things! :) Window and glass cleaner and anti bacterial surface wipes :)

  238. Amanda Milton says:

    Dettol,it has mulitiple uses,so always handy

  239. laura avery says:

    vim, bleach and harpic black for limescale

  240. Anne Woodthorpe says:

    Hand Wash!

  241. Andrea McGlashan says:

    kitchen towels to mop up spills and mess a plenty!

  242. Ashli Robertson says:

    Does baby wipes count? I use them for everything! x

  243. Cathy Glynn says:

    Fairy liquid.

  244. Chris Millward says:

    cif liquid

  245. Hannah Whitling says:

    Washing detergent and fabric condition, to know my clothes will get fully clean, and keep smelling nice and feeling soft is great. I’m stuck in bed a lot due to medical issues, and having a clean bed that smells good is something I enjoy.

  246. Katy spence

    Cleaning wipes

  247. Diane Jackson says:

    washing powder

  248. Yvette D says:

    Washing powder

  249. Sheri Darby says:

    Washing up liquid

  250. Sharon McGuinness says:

    Washing liquid for clothes

  251. Naomi Buchan says:

    Toilet bleach x

  252. Greig spencer says:

    Washing up liquid

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